Best Gun Control Advertisement Ever.

Via Bud Wilson
on Apr 18, 2013
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Do we think children aren't paying attention?
Do we think children aren’t paying attention?

Update: Toddlers shot more people in US than Terrorists did in 2015 (

Here is the best gun control ad yet:  Does anything else need to be said?

Is it time to apply the principle of impermanence to the second amendment?

Anyone, Buddhist or otherwise, understands that the world is constantly changing, how about updating the so-called living document we refer to as the U.S. constitution? All the while asking the question: what is the NRA afraid of?

Let’s rename the NRA (No Responsibility Accepted).

In case you don’t listen to the news, a modest compromise to require background checks for gun show purchases was defeated in the Senate yesterday.

(To see how your senator voted go here.)

President Obama referred to it as another shameful day in Washington D.C. and the media spins the story as a personal defeat to our president. What about the impact upon the lives of future innocent victims? Who exactly was defeated by this vote and by whom?

When a citizenry demonstrates it is incapable of self-control, to what extent does a government assert it’s influence and laws to protect people from themselves? This is a legitimate question. A deeper inquiry, still missing in our national conversation, is the source of violence in our society.

Many years ago the Secretary of the United Nations UThant, suggested that the United States had the most violent language in the world, we were missing the point by focusing on counting the number of hand gun deaths and failed to realize that violence begins in the mind, is expressed through our words and ultimately shows up in our behavior. An observation well worth pondering.

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About Bud Wilson

As a student-athlete-activist during the tumultuous era at Harvard University Bud emerged with an interdisciplinary degree combining, child development, innovative education and urban social policy. To recover from academia, he moved to the mountains of Colorado and devoted his energy to hosting professional conferences and seminars in Snowmass Village, followed by a few years working with John Denver's Windstar Foundation. He has lots of stories to share about those formative years living in the Roaring Fork Valley. Bud continues to consult with many organizations including Newfield Network, Environmental Communications, Inc. and The Living Green Foundation, Next Culture Network, Climate Colorado, The Unified Field Corporation, Regenerative Community Development of Colorado and The Agora Projects. Bud has 25 years of experience as an awareness & Qi Gong instructor and wilderness guide for Sacred Passage and the Way of Nature. He served as Global Director of Eco-Regional Leadership for The Way of Nature, in May 2011, he co-created and coordinated the first World Nature Quest. More than 35 groups in 17 countries on 5 continents simultaneously communed with the Earth for healing and renewal. He is the Founder and Director of Deep Nature Journeys where he shares his insights and vast experience in service to others. His articles have been read by more than 70,000 Elephant Journal Readers His adult son, daughter and son-in-law are the source of great joy in his life.


10 Responses to “Best Gun Control Advertisement Ever.”

  1. Mr.Science says:

    I don’t see how this is a very good add or even a clever one. All it does is present a false dichotomy. There is a third option.
    “When a citizenry demonstrates it is incapable of self-control, to what extent does a government assert it’s influence and laws to protect people from themselves?”
    Who says the citizenry is out of control? I don’t see it that way at all. I see a government that is out of control, mandating torture and bombing civilians in other countries, extending control grids and surveillance on it’s populace while all the while accepting “peace” prizes. Why are we not set on disarming them first? Certainly a culture is affected either directly or indirectly by the actions of their government. Yet we let these things happen.
    You mention the real solution, ganging a violent culture. This has nothing to do with banning anything. (the add is about banning though in the article you only mention background checks.) First we have to withdraw the authority of a government to do violence on our behalf that we have neither requested or need.
    Just to note, please don’t conflate the NRA with gun owners. The NRA has turned into a lobby for gun manufacturers, whatever the original intention may have been. Even many members disagree with their public statements n at least some things. They are designed to polarize, most gun owners are much more reasonable.

  2. Bud Wilson says:

    Mr. Science, I appreciate the points you raise – the actual ad that I was referring to was a short video on You Tube that you had to click to see. You'll understand my reference to impermanence when you watch it. The other ad with the girls was placed at the top of the article by our editor which may have led to your confusion. I also agree that our "government is out of control" – perpetrating wars that we the people never agreed to. However, there is a saying that we "deserve the government we allow". Too few citizens participate in the political process or remain vigilant observers, holding our elected official's feet to the fire. The watered down legislation that was defeated primarily referred to background checks. You've also nailed the NRA correctly, they are controlled by the gun manufacturers for sure. I primarily wanted to simply share the video ad without diving into the depths of this contentious issue

  3. Mr.Science says:

    Ah, I see. Yes, the presentation did confuse me. I watched the video, while I don’t find that ad particularly compelling either, I will admit it is clever.
    I really do think you nailed the real heart of the matter in your article when you talked about the underlying cultural issues. violence really does come from people.
    I own a ww2 era bolt action rifle. You might be surprised at just how quickly they can be fired and reloaded with really just a few hours of practice.
    Also, back in the days of guns similar to the ones in the video it was legal for a private citizen to own a cannon. Most of the cannons used in the revolutionary war were privately owned. I don’t know how often people rolled them over to a neighbors house to get back at someone. But I think we can safely say that the laws have changed.
    My point was predominantly that when government behaves in a violent way that disregards the will of the people, we can’t really expect them to protect us from ourselves.
    That said I am in favor of background checks so long as it is not just a scheme to create yet another database of personal information. It could sound paranoid, but there is now a huge list of misdemeanors that require people in Colorado to provide a DNA sample. We have to wonder where it stops.

  4. Aaron says:

    How about we weed out psychopaths from police forces? Police are responsible for much more murder per capita than the rest of us, and there is no accountability.

  5. oz_ says:

    A more thoughtful position on 'gun control' can be found here:

    The Rifle on the Wall:A Left Argument for Gun Rights

    It's also worth noting, as the following article notes, "Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware"

    So…what is the problem that 'gun control' is trying to solve? If the problem is gun homicides, then it seems we're already making great strides – withOUT compromising fundamental rights.

    So….what is the actual agenda of those advocating gun control? If it is not to reduce gun violence, and obviously it's not, since the clamor for gun control continues even in the midst of a precipitous decline in gun violence, then it's could be one of two things:

    1. The result of a knee jerk, irrational dogma, OR

    As the Polemicist piece begins:

    "The citizen’s right to possess firearms is a fundamental political right. The political principle at stake is quite simple: to deny the state the monopoly of armed force."

    So the second reason would be:

    To ensure the state has a monopoly on armed force.

    Historically, that's generally a necessary prelude to a police state. And given the ongoing war of this State – under both the Business Party and the Other Business Party against civil liberties (and given Obama's war on whistle blowers and illegal drone war), it seems abundantly clear that the agenda of the gun control folks is precisely that.

    In other words, it's all about domination and control, which is what governments always crave more of, especially imperial, plutocratic governments like the US. We are a civilization built on notions of control and domination – of people, of nature. And gun control is simply the perpetuation of those deeply pernicious notions.

    I cannot think of a policy more antithetical to Buddhist principles.

  6. erikbukos says:

    Well, I could be misinformed, but I believe the NRA agrees with instant background checks. The sticking point is "instant", versus a wait period. Given this electronic age we live in, the lack of instant background checks is unacceptable.

    If either side, Dem. or Rep., really wanted to improve the situation, I believe they could. But this old fight helps polarize voters to one side or another. Keeping the issue "in play" versus just solving the damn problem is more valuable for each side politically. At that, my friends, is why things are not going to get better until we stop voting for professional politicians.

    Anyway, cool ad, even for a proud gun owner.

  7. anthrem says:

    I'll tell you what the people of the NRA are afraid of…writing out of the constitution the right to self-defense…people seem to think that nice words and kindness will magically change things but there are people in the world to watch out for, be it community or government. Ask Russians if their government works for them and always has their best interests in mind…government is not always acting in our best interests, that is a fantasy

  8. kev says:

    Of course when evil powers have their sights set on world domination it is not accomplished thu raw violent takeover. No sir, not with the strength of a free people all of whom veterans of everyday tribulation. This add had propoganda written all over it. The silly hoity brow beating of the losing side of the gun control debates these days will not last. The truth is inflammable but the artificial narrative of “whats good for the people” is plastic and it has no passion behind it other than evil. I mean come on bud get off obamas communist jock and wake up the to the long brewed tyranny.

  9. Morgana says:

    Yes, your editor totally f ‘d this one up. I thought this was (clearly ) about the ad at the top of the page , which is also the image that represents the article in social media feeds. Big time obvious uneducated Editor fail.

  10. elephantjournal says:

    Morgana, if you had read it more carefully you would have seen that if you click the very first link in the article it will take you to the ad itself. "Here is the best gun control ad yet: Does anything else need to be said?"