April 9, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 4.08.


This is a particularly powerful week on multiple levels. With the passage of Venus, Mars, and Sun from Pisces to Aries, joining Ketu there, and the beginning of Navaratri (nine days of Mother Divine), we have the potential for a momentous and symbolic week.

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Considering all the changes and transformations happening for all of us right now due to the planets and cosmos, be particularly gentle with your Self this week.

The moon is waning (dark half) until Wednesday where it will begin to brighten, but the energy will be small, silent and inward still. New moon in Pisces on the 10th in Revati nakshatra where it will join Sun, Mars and Venus in Revati as well! Plenty of power through Pushan, its deity energy. Pushan protects, guides and re-aligns us with our Path.

Very useful, considering the planetary transitions that are afoot this week. Let Pushan be your guardian this week both astrally and literally. Offer your blessings to him on the altar and recite: Aum Pusne Namah. Leave him a bowl of porridge or warm milk as an offering.


*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your moon and sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity.

Aries: You are the patron guinea pig this week Aries. We should ask you for your experiences and visions during these planetary shifts. You will be full of energy, but be mindful how you use it. Hone it, don’t scatter it. Watch your resources as Mercury goes debilitated in your 12th house. Meditation will go a long way in helping to center the mind. Expect Self empowerment over the next few weeks, as well as new alliances and relationships. Celebrate some extra comforts and wealth by the week’s end.

Taurus: Your mind is moving towards retreat and creating sacred space. These next few weeks will be filled with finding your edge and releasing some very old, unnecessary pieces. You are still digesting relationships and processing enemy situations, worry, fear and anxieties. Your week ends with a bang, and has the potential for a powerful, expansive passionate story. Write your Self a love note.

Gemini: Your 11th house is picking up speed and momentum. Expect transitions and change with your hopes, aspirations, gains and friendships. You may feel more courageous and begin chasing new pursuits. Go for it! The old career path and work related issues will be especially tedious this month, forcing you to re-evaluate your life and choices. This weekend, make new friends and expect some romance.

Cancer: This month will bring huge changes to your career and Path as your tenth house will have four planets transiting it and contending with the restructuring forces of Ketu. Your heart and home are still tempestuous so be mindful of this instability and also your need for comfort. Some new light may be shining for you, so celebrate these sparks and use them for forward momentum. Your dharma may feel unclear at this time- but trust the process and unfoldment anyway. This week will be especially powerful for career, transformations, and new passions to take place. Mind your bad habits.

Leo: What a boon to have such an enlivened ninth house for the next few weeks! Use this time wisely to acquire higher knowledge, pursue spiritual wisdom and the teachings of a divine saint or guru, activate dharmic endeavors, align with fortune and holy places. Go within and let the mind transform and transcend. Check the ego at the door. This weekend, bask in some career successes and the good deeds of your offerings. Ready to take them to the next level?!

Virgo: Transformations will be making you work overtime these next few weeks. Expect grande illuminations and insights, transcendental wisdom and awareness. Be pleasantly surprised by your ego and its vulnerabilities. You may have new clarity about your past, present and future, as well as death, re-birth and transformations. You may feel unstimulated, or lifeless energy with regard to relationships and communications. Use this weekend for higher knowledge and growth.

Libra: Relationships and business contracts take center stage starting this week. Expect some restructuring and changes. Keep the heat to a minimum with right action and proper routine and nourishment. You will be working on digesting words and communication this month and aligning with proper word choice. Watch out for enemies and digest anxiety and worry with meditation and physical movement. Spend your weekend on a “mini-retreat”, meditating and taking time for transcending.

Scorpio: Your sixth house is your current power house. Be mindful of digestive heat, anger and “gut feelings” this month. “Keeping it cool” will be your mantra. Your mind and communications may not be up to par, so expect intelligence and romance to be a bit off, though you may find there are gains and healing regardless. This week, relationships are pivotal. Maybe it’s time for a little fun? This weekend let your self enjoy the passionate planetary dynamics.

Sagittarius: Your fifth house is becoming fully activated. Learning and growing through new knowledge will have a special spark over the next few weeks. It’s as though you are feeling the power of the times. Use this momentum to make hay while the sun shines! Your children, education, romance and purva punya (past life credits) will also be activated, so pay attention to the details and be easy with heart/mind matters. This weekend, spend time goal-setting, get physical and turn you passions into action.

Capricorn: As your fourth house gains the power of four planets by the end of the week, you will start to feel the maximum expression of heart, home, mother, land, kindred, nurturing and transportation. You may feel like Hanuman with an expansive heart in your chest, or feel a bit of homesickness creep in. Don’t let insecurities get in the way of things. Use this weekend for intellectual pursuits, matters of the heart and romance, playing with children (or like a child) and greater knowledge.

Aquarius: Your next few weeks will be full of courageous endeavors, ones that bring out the strength, power and intensity we rarely get glimpses of in you Aquarius. I get a feeling that a mask and a cape may be in order- aligning with your alter ego, your inner caped crusader, the hero within. Use some of this dynamism for creative and artistic pursuits. Dance, sing, create with paints etc. and don’t neglect the power of fun and sensual pleasures- even if it feels out of the norm for you. Use this weekend for your heart health.

Pisces: Comforts, early childhood, support, expression, wealth and sensory delights become the focus for you over the next few weeks. Expect some deeper dimensions and new twists on old themes. What are you aligning your Self with in this time of deep transformation and change? What are the essential pieces you wish to carry with you on your journey? What needs to be let go in order to set you free? There may be confusion mentally, but listen carefully—some of the messages will be loud and clear. Use the weekend to expand your courage and creativity.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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