April 17, 2013

Time to Get Over Ourselves & Get on Board: We Need Each Other. ~ Jillian Locke

Even in the wake of tragedy, I notice the outpouring of love and support and gratitude, an outpouring that seems to gush during these times, but not during our day to day.

Which prompts me to ask to the question—why? Why does it take these horrific acts to slap us out of the zombification we all succumb to, even the most aware and present of us?

How is it that we become so embroiled in nonsensical dramas and stresses, little things we let take over and devour our attention and our spirits?

Do we succumb to these illusions of importance so that we don’t have to deal with the bigger problems—the problems that seem so much larger than life but actually call for such simpler resolutions?

The answers are simple—and these are the answers to everything—whether it’s paying your mortgage, settling a dispute, finding a job or having enough money to not only survive, but to thrive.

The answers are love and gratitude, always and all of those beautiful, forgotten things in between, like compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and allowance.

We focus so intently on protection, defence and fortification against all of the perceived evils in the world (and I say perceived because they’re simply projections of our inner turmoil) that we forget about everything else that we’re blocking. We are still coming to understand the tremendous, boundless love and glories of the universe, of nature, and most importantly, of human kind.


We forget the real, good and pure power within ourselves. We look so poorly upon ourselves and the world at large, seeing only attacks, bombings, shootings and senseless acts of violence. And then we erect walls, install security systems, create systems of protection that further wall us into fear and darkness.

And what does all that do?

Perpetuate more of what it’s supposed to keep out.

Can you even conceive of what would happen if we took all that energy, effort and man power and directed it towards something completely positive? Something as simple as dragging ourselves away from the news and spending quality time with our friends, families and communities?

What would happen if we practiced incredible gratitude and compassion and generosity on the daily, choosing to allow those energies to flow through us, sending them out to be shared…an act as simple as holding the door for someone or smiling at a stranger or—hold up—hugging someone or holding their hand, just because?

We’ve become so hyper-vigilant and protective that we don’t realize we’re creating proverbial prisons rather than sprawling communities. We’re shutting down—to ourselves and each other. We’re perpetuating the illusion of isolation…and that is truly the fall of mankind.

We don’t live in a world where it’s every man for himself, but yet, that’s how so many of us act. And then tragedy strikes, and we jump into action, seeking ways to help and do whatever we can to help the hurt, the fallen, the deserted.

Why can’t we find that spark in us every day, in every moment? Why is that not a natural instinct through our daily lives?

Life can be hard, painful, excruciating even, but only as much as we allow it to be. Every spark, every seed for happiness and wholeness and healing lies within each and every one of us, and our greatest challenge and mission in life is to not only keep that spark alive, but to nurture it, grow it and make it thrive so we can share it with others, second to second.

Because when we do this, we realize that we have everything we need, both material and emotional. All good makes its way to other sources and beacons of good and light, and back again.

Try it—you might be exceptionally amazed.

This is the practice and journey of life, people.

Get on board—we need each other, whether we like it or not. And we need to grow to like it. We need to get over ourselves and grow up and see the bigger picture. We need to fly above and look down—take a different view, a different perspective, and see how silly and completely unnecessary all of this violence and heartache and betrayal really is.

We’re not meant to be vehicles of destruction, but rather the very embodiment of love and light and compassion, manifest.

Love. Light. Compassion. Allowance. Forgiveness. Release. Acceptance.

Get into it.


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