April 15, 2013

Why it is so Important to Speak your Truth.

Has anyone every done something to you that has made you want to punch them in the face?

Come on. Admit it. Of course they have. You’re not sure whether you should call them out because you may hurt their feelings. But you know what sista’? You gotta!

They may turn things around, make it seem like it’s not their fault, blah, blah, blah. They don’t want to deal with owning their bullsh*t.

Whether or not you think someone can handle the truth or not, keeping speaking the truth. When ‘they’ say the truth sets you free, ‘they’ are not joking. Don’t get entangled in others web of lies. Speak the truth, even if it hurts. Only the ego can be bruised. An awake person can handle the truth.

Trust me.  They will thank you later.

Easy peasy, right?  You can do it and I want to hear your steps to implement.  Please leave a comment in the box below.

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Ed: Kate Bartolotta
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Read 10 comments and reply

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