April 6, 2013

Words Matter. ~ Gaye Boswell

We express ourselves to others and the world around us through communication: who we are, what we believe in, our attachments and aversions.

Much of this communication is through gesture, posture and facial expressions, while spoken communication gives voice to our thoughts and feelings. Each “word” is a creative union of thought and energy. Ideas become thoughts, concepts, language and our plans take on the energy to manifest in the world as the actual results of our intent and skill.

Do you honor your own beliefs and speak out when you should?

Do you talk over others, or not listen well?

Do you feel shy and afraid to extend your energy into communication?

Talking consumes a huge amount of energy, so choose your words carefully. At times it is appropriate to be quiet, to listen.

When you next speak, think:

T – Is this truthful?

H – Is this helpful?

I – Is this inspiring?

N – Is this necessary?

K – Is this kind?

In yoga, the throat center, vishuddhi chakra, represents our ability to communicate verbally. A well balanced throat chakra will allow us to communicate and express ourselves more freely. It will let us realize that we can trust our inner voice and speak our truths.

Here is a simple hasta mudra (hand gesture) for balancing the energy at the throat. Bring the pads of the thumbs and middle fingers of both hands together forming Akash mudra. As you sit comfortably, spend a few moments to follow the natural rise and fall of the breath; feel the body breathing itself easily and naturally. When ready, repeat silently the following:

I express my unique qualities each day.

I transmit a unique frequency, my voice is heard.

My communication is open, clear and harmonious.

Spend a little time sitting with each and feel when it’s time to move to the next. You may like to simply work with one affirmation, see what resonates with you in the moment. Recording yourself saying the affirmations can be helpful and very powerful; make sure you leave enough time to center at the beginning and in between each affirmation for the words can “land.”


There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Having said that, I feel blessed that my days are filled with passion, enthusiasm, love and yoga. I am co-owner of Bhava Yoga and Dance Centre in Warrandyte Australia where I teach group classes, run workshops and a 12 month yoga teacher training program. I completed my Graduate Certificate in Yoga therapy in 2013 and have recently completed Level I irest — Yoga Nidra certification. In 2012 I release a guided relaxation and meditation CD, ‘Where blue meets blue.’

I am happily married with two boys, age 14 and 16. My dog Buffy, a staffy/heeler cross (yes, she is named after the Slayer) is thoroughly spoiled.

I have been teaching yoga since 2002 and my greatest passion is sharing the joy and benefits of yoga with others.


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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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Read 4 comments and reply

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