May 15, 2013

10 Reasons to Have More Sex.

It’s not a secret that sex sells or that just the mention of sex gets everyone a little hot under the collar.

Humans were designed to be sensual beings and are drawn to sex as a profound vehicle to connect, feel, experience pleasure and euphoria, make babies and love others.

When the time and space is ‘right for sex,’ sex can take you to other worlds. It can make you wonder why you are spending your time on anything but.

When it is on (and it is right) it can be the most potent and powerful experience in your life.

We all know sex feels good—but did you know there are incredible health benefits to sex as well?

So, the next time you diss your partner and tell him/her no—or, the next time you find yourself wrapped up in a your favorite television show and your partner wants to get it on (whatever distracts you from not making sex an integral aspect of your life), think about all the fun you are missing out on.

Sex is exercise; the more you have it, the better you will feel, the less likely you are to get divorced, break-up, find your man or woman cheating on you and the happier you may find yourself in your relationships.

Listen, people, do whatever it takes to do what is good for you—and if sex is where it is at (or at least a big one) start getting it on! No one likes a grumpus who’d rather text or check out on technology than get down.

Here are the health benefits of sex:

1. Lower Blood Pressure

The most basic health benefit of sex is lower blood pressure. Like any other form of cardio, and act that requires you to be ‘active,’ helps you stay calm in stressful situations, keeping blood pressure down.

2. Elevated Mental Outlook

Lower stress levels also lead to a more elevated mental outlook. Sexually active people tend to be getting their needs met or actively playing a role in what the body needs, which decreases stress and leads to happier individuals.

3. Boost Immunity

As referenced in Web MD, sex has been shown to release chemicals that boost immunity, which means that having more sex could lead to better overall health and fewer colds. WOO HOO!

4. Pain Relief

During sex, chemical reactions can provide mild pain relief and even relieved migraine headaches according to Huff Post for Women. I guess when you are blissed out or in that feel good euphoric state, pleasure kicks pain to the curb.

5. Good for the Physique

Sex is exercise. No matter what kind of sex you are having, whether it is energetic or you are spicing it up with sex toys from you are burning calories, releasing endorphins, working your muscles and sweating (at least I hope you are or you might be having some really bad sex). Having a lot of sex won’t win the war on weight or completely transform your body, but it helps and if you missed a run go have some sex, at least you got some form of exercise in for the day.

6. Better Self-esteem

Sex boosts confidence, and makes you feel like a rock star when it is on and it is great. There is nothing better than desiring another and having another desire you. It can plaster a permanent smile on your face—the one that screams I am on cloud nine.

7. Spiritual Sense of Self-worth

Some have claimed that sex can be a transcendental experience. It is a connection of energy or soul through the body, by which two people can explore non-ordinary highs. Some people claim that sex allows you to let go and experience yourself beyond ego and in this vein, make you feel connected to the universe or God, something bigger than ourselves. Everyone loves to experiences highs rather than lows, and sex is a vehicle for this kind of connecting.

8. Intimacy Boost

In romantic relating, sex boosts intimacy, which is the ability to connect beyond the act, into a far deeper experience, which we’re all searching for. We all want to experience the ability to completely abandon ourselves to an experience without losing ourselves. On some level, you can experience a deeper you through other. It is power when it is right.

9. Healthy Heart

An active sex life can keep the heart in good shape according to a article by Alternative Medicine. Just like regular exercise, an active sex life can give your heart the work out it needs, not just on an emotional level, but a physical level.

10. Glowing

Every sane person on this planet wants to put their best face forward and radiate light. The best way to get ‘the glow’ and exemplify this inner light is to get it on. Nothing sings a brighter song than a person who is sexually satisfied. You can be in the best shape of your life and have everything going for you in one vein, but if you are not getting your sexual needs met or sharing the kind of connection you need to thrive emotionally, you are missing the elixir of life. Getting your sexual needs met is vital to your health, on all levels.

I hope you enjoyed our little chat about all things sex; if you found this post inspiring or uplifting, please let me know by posting your comments in the box below.

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XO, Hayley



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