May 14, 2013

10 Things You Will Never Hear the Partner of a Yogi Say (Unless They Are a Yogi). ~ Debbie Lawson

Does your yogi spouse drive you crazy?

We often read about the way yoga positively transforms and enriches our lives, but we do not often stop to consider the people who help us make this transformation possible. The partners of dedicated yogis are an unheard voice amongst the ever growing yoga population. This article is dedicated to those that support and pick up the slack for us as we travel further along on the yoga journey.

  1. Of course I enjoy the way you wake me up each morning at 5.30am to meditate and share that special space with you.

  2. I do not mind at all that you have taken my study (and boy’s space) and made it a mini ashram, complete with Ganesh statues and now have full moon meditations in it every month.

  3. Those Lululemon pants are completely worth the money and there is absolutely no need to reflect on your attachment to this brand as being un-yogic.

  4. Please do yet another weekend course. I completely understand how important it is to your development. I will take care of the kids.

  5. It is nice how you have made my lovely car into a yoga wagon. I love how it is filled with blocks, mats and straps all the time. And the way Snatam Kaur blasts out of the CD player as soon as I switch it on is always a joy.

  6. The way our home smells of incense all the time is great. I especially like the way it gets into my shirts, and how I go to the office smelling like a temple all day long.

  7. I agree, now that you are a yoga teacher, you can help my back pain more than my faithful chiropractor and masseur. I will fire them forthwith.

  8. There is nothing I enjoy more at the end of a hard day than watching you master another pose in front of the television, and then being questioned on whether there is any improvement.

  9. Of course our friends think there is nothing odd about discussing Patanjali sutras over dinner and bidding them Namaste at the end of the evening instead of goodbye.

  10. Our friends do not find your constant yoga musings boring. I think their house warming invite must have just gotten lost in the post…


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Debbie Lawson
is a Sydney based yoga teacher working at Adore Yoga. She is also a mother and an occasional writer of short articles based in her reflections of her own life journey both on and off the mat. To find out more visit: dharmabumsyoga.com.



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