May 29, 2013

6 Guidelines to Create a Successful Life.

You and your life are both amazing. Allow yourself to feel amazed by it all right now.

Some time ago, as I was sitting in an airport, waiting for a flight to visit with my brother and his wife; I spotted a poster on the wall unfolding six guidelines for “success.”

Most of the steps were monetarily toned. Of course, “success” means different things to different people.

I began thinking about what it means to me. My ideas of success were centered around love, fulfillment and happiness. I began jotting down my own guidelines on the napkin in front of me, stuffed them away in the canvas bag hanging from my shoulder and only recently crossed paths with them again.

Sometimes I write because there are things that I genuinely want to share with others; other times I write for the mindful organization and release or simply because writing makes me happy.

This list does all of the above; it offers up something that I believe is worth sharing, it has allowed me to organize thoughts and move them from my mind-space, and it makes me happy.

1. Release.

Take all that you have learned up until this point, and all that you’ve been holding on to from any questionable-feeling experience and/or interaction that you’ve ever had. Decide what serves you in an uplifting and fulfilling way and place anything that remains in a box with a label that reads, “Thank you.” Then, move on.

2. Be amazed. Now.

Stop waiting for the vision of your “perfect” life to materialize at some point down the road. You and your life are both amazing. Allow yourself to feel amazed by it all right now.

3. Fully love.

Touch—often. Surrender—completely. Let yourself recognize who and what you are drawn to and allow yourself to melt into the things, places and people helping you to grow, expand and feel joyful and whole.

4. Cultivate connection and purpose.

Let your passions be a leading force in what you bring to your community. Let your community be a leading force in what you bring to your passions.

5.  Move.

Allow your body to run, swim and dance without any input from your brain. Allow your body to lead from the heart—to release whatever it is holding on to in an intuitive and fluid fashion. Let all parts of it breathe—with a pressing urgency and depth.

6. Choose to be happy.

Take note of the things that make you feel good, and know that these things will, in turn, allow that sense of joy and happiness to trickle out into all souls with which you cross paths.




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