May 13, 2013

Forget the Gym! Here’s Exercise That’s Actually Practical. {Video}

Break free of the human zoo and learn to move your body the way it was meant to be moved!

This is an approach to training that promises to completely redefine the way we think about fitness. It is adaptive, playful, and based on principles of human evolution.

It centers around teaching useful movement skills that can actually be applied to navigate the world outside a gym, help friends and family, and escape from repetitive and constrained patterns that lead to injury.

Just take a look:

The Workout The World Forgot

As proficiency in these skills increases, so does the practitioner’s fitness, so you get in shape while gaining practical abilities.

While ideally practiced in natural settings, it can be trained in any environment as long as you have a bit of creativity.

Here are a few more videos showcasing MovNat being practiced in a wild setting by its founder, Erwan Le Corre:

Move with Power and Agility

Playout Ideas


Khaled Allen is a MovNat coach living and teaching in Boulder, Colorado. After overcoming his own clumsy weakness as a kid, he saw how empowering grace and power can be, and he is sharing his passion to help others break out of their physical and mental cages by reconnecting them to the human movement patterns that are everyone’s birthright. You can learn more about his coaching at khaledallen.com/move.



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