Finally, we can begin fracking Boulder!

Via elephant journal
on May 21, 2013
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This is not local news. This is national news: one of the bastions of “green” just went down. You’re next!

Hat trick! Boulder in one year gets Monsanto GMOS re-okayed on Open Space, Wal-Mart (finally) and now Fracking! Liberals must be p*ssed:

Finally, we can begin fracking Boulder! Our water will improve, our lands will get effed up, and already supercheap natural gas will get cheaper! Oh, and we’ll have less need for those pesky renewables!

*If you voted for Commissioner Gardner and Commissioner Cindy Domenico, the above statement is serious, not satire.

> Click here for five amazing facts with photos.

Excerpt via an editorial by Stewart Guthrie in the nationally-owned Daily Camera (it was indie when I was a boy) that has nevertheless been doing laudable coverage of this question, and others:

“…The reasons are familiar: extreme noise, light and truck traffic, 24/7; losses to the tourist trade; depressed housing values; visually blighted landscapes; destruction of water (a valuable resource here) by toxins; and worst, harm to health from toxic emissions.

As you know, fracking toxins are secret, because — curiously — the companies are permitted to inject them under our properties and leak them into our air while refusing to say what they are. Nonetheless, the emissions are known to be toxic because of the acute and chronic inflammatory and degenerative illnesses associated with them…” ~ Stewart Guthrie

PS: if you’d like to share an article, a more informed viewpoint, facts, personal experience…submit an article/video. We’ve long been featuring a ton on the question of fracking.


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