May 22, 2013

How Electronics Hurt Your Health (& What You Can Do About it).

Telephone Poles, External Utility Boxes, Electrical Pylons, High Tension Power Lines and Circuit Breakers Near Your Home Can Cause a Myriad of Common Health Issues

I went to go visit one of my best friends that lives just outside of Las Vegas in Summerlin—I hadn’t seen her in a while and felt like it was a good excuse for a mini vacay and to feng shui her new home and business.

I was there for three nights.

The first night, I didn’t sleep well because I got in late and didn’t get a chance to feng shui her place—it turns out that I was sleeping to the trouble maker energy, hence sleeping like crap!

The following nights after I feng shui’d her home, I slept like a baby. I couldn’t understand why I was sleeping so well in her home. My home has similar energy, but my sleep has been off and on good for years. I always chalked it up to getting older and stress, (even though I am only 36).

Also, I noticed that I felt calmer and more peaceful—I didn’t feel this aching need to be doing something at all times like I do in my home.

While I was there, I kept feeling my intuition telling me to do some research—I decided to research the effects of electrical pylons, circuit breaker and external utility boxes.

I live less than a mile away from electrical pylons. Even though I knew the radiation from these structures can be harmful, I thought that by using tachyon, which I’ve recommended to my clients for years, that was enough to protect myself and them from the detrimental radiation. The wall that my bed is on, below me on the first floor, is my circuit breaker and an external utility box for the cable.

The symptom that are related to exposure to electromagnetic radiation I discovered in my research are as follows: sleep disturbances, headaches dizziness, fatigue, concentration and memory problems, nervous and hormonal disturbances, heart palpitations and behavioral problems in children.

Most of those symptoms I have experienced—and, because I would always get a good clean bill of health from my doctor, I assumed I wasn’t managing my stress well or that it was my age.

After further research, I realized that all of these devices: electrical pylons, telephone poles, high tension cable lines, utility boxes, computers, cell phones, land lines, televisions, microwaves, etc. all emit extremely high and unhealthy levels of radiation that our bodies cannot process and, over time, depending on the frequency and the intensity, can deplete our immune and nervous system.

In 2008, R.M. Lowenthal in Hobart, Australia conducted a research study focusing on the incidence of cancer and exposure to high power lines. Results showed that the risk of developing cancer increased by 106% for people who lived within 50 meters of a power line, as compared to those who lived 300 meters away.

Most recently, citing the scientific literature on the subject, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has recently called for an immediate moratorium on installing smart meters due to radiation health risks.

One comprehensive report is the Bioinitiative Report. Written by 29 scientists, researchers, and health policy professionals from 10 different countries, this report documents clear evidence that numerous health issues, including DNA breakage and risk of cancer, are created by exposure to radiation from cell phones, cell towers, power lines and WiFi.

The good news is that you don’t have to move! We live in urban settings and we have the modern world to contend with so it’s impossible to avoid electromagnetic radiation.

The even better news is that there are EMF home protection devices that you can use that will ground out the energy in your entire house, regardless of the square footage.

In my quest to practice what I preach and to test everything out, I purchased the product and tested it out.

By using the device, here’s what the company claimed would happen: nervous system symptoms such as neuropathy improved, pain, muscle aches and joint pains improved, GI symptoms probably related to nervous system issues improved, mood issues such as feeling elated, serene and calm improved, mental health symptoms such as depression and stress improved, fatigue and feeling tired improved.

I was so impressed with the results and that it did exactly what it said it would, that I decided to share it with my clients who live in similar homes and have situations like mine.

The feedback has been amazing to say the least and people have reported the same thing I did: sleep has been amazing, digestive issues gone, joint issues gone, heart palpitations gone, anxiety and nervousness gone and they have motivation and energy again!

This information has totally changed my health, my vitality and has given me peace and well being. It is my hope that other people will read this and get relief as I did from common everyday occurrences in our environment.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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