Is Astrology For Real? ~ Eleanor Tara

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on May 23, 2013
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Solar System

The Unseen Magical Order of Your Life

Like most people, I’m sure that you’ve read your horoscope before. Perhaps you’ve even had your birth chart read. Maybe you believe in astrology (maybe you don’t). You may take it seriously or you may relate to it as entertainment. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what astrology really is?

Many people assume (understandably) that astrology shows us how our lives are influenced by the planets and the stars. Somehow, when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky, our computers stop working. And when Saturn comes back around after 28-30 years, our lives change in big ways.

Is it really possible that these massive, inanimate, round things are having such a profound impact on our day-to-day?

In some ways, astrology is literal. The brightness of the moon affects our energy level. The rising and the setting of the Sun gives us the distinction between night and day.  Our lives are undeniably related to the movement of the planets. But astrology is also a marker of where we are in time and space relative to an infinite universe. It’s the only way we know where we are located in relationship to other objects that are at a predictable distance from Earth, like the planets.

This is precisely why ancient astronomers were motivated to calculate the movements of the planets. It wasn’t for curiosity, it was so they could create and interpret astrological charts and understand their lives. (Fun fact: The mathematical concept of 0 [zero] was created for astrologers to make calculations.) They had noticed that there is a direct correlation between events that happen in our lives and the movement of the planets against the backdrop of the stars. Astronomers had also noticed that a newborn baby taking its first breath is profoundly imprinted by the state of the world in that instant; which can be assessed by looking at the position of the planets.

Over thousands of years, astronomers and astrologers scientifically studied millions of birth charts to systematize their findings. This became astrology as we know it.

What if life is not just a chaotic random journey of ups and downs, but instead the product of an unseen magical order?

What if that unseen magical order is karma? What if astrology gives us a map of our karma so that we can know exactly where we are in our process, make better choices and have better lives? How would you relate to astrology, then?

Astrology shows us that we really do create our lives with our own free will. It’s just that we did a lot of it in past lives (that we don’t currently remember). Some of it we created consciously—but a lot was created unconsciously, in a blind reaction to what was going on around us.

Our current lifetime is a product of our previous lifetimes.

And if we want our lives to get better (when one of the more gnarly experiences we created for ourselves shows up) we need to stay present with it so that it can pass, without reacting and creating any more of these experiences for our next lifetime.

Vedic astrology does a spectacular job of showing us where we tend to react unconsciously so that we know exactly what we need to work on. A good natal chart reading with a reputable astrologer can be more valuable than years and thousands of dollars of personal growth work, because it tells you what to focus on and when.

So next time you see a reference to astrology, know that it’s not just some esoteric woo-woo theory about the movement of the planets: Astrology is the real deal.

Eleanor BlattelEleanor Tara: Vedic Astrologer and former Vice President at the Warner Music Group, went from working with the world’s biggest pop stars to reading the actual stars. After awakening to her true calling, she took every personal development training she came across in a quest to learn how to help people find their way more easily than she did.  She found the answer in Vedic Astrology, an ancient, sacred art of self-understanding and divination, and now helps people get clarity and peace on their path by answering their deepest questions about their lives. To learn more or to schedule a reading, visit Visionary Readings.

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30 Responses to “Is Astrology For Real? ~ Eleanor Tara”

  1. Great article. I've been wanting someone to speak to the background of what astrology really is and where it came from. Fascinating. Thank you.

  2. Mia Cara says:

    Love this! I'm continually more and more fascinated by astrology and especially Vedic astrology. Thanks for this!

  3. Jim Donovan says:

    This is really insightful. I especially like the part about the stars being a map telling us about our karma…thank you!!

  4. David Mizne says:

    I have been drawn to the skies my entire life. I know that there is something magical there and I am grateful for astrologers like you who use the stars to guide us on our journeys. Great read!

  5. Caeli La says:

    YES! It's all so much clearer to me now! Thank you for your wise words, great article!

  6. Ben says:

    I like what you're sharing about where free will meets karma and that they are not actually in opposition. I think that is the place where it can be easy to want to discount astrological insights because on the surface it can seem like we're losing our agency if we believe what is written in the stars. The more we can see that we're always able to make choices that are rippling forward AND we can align with what may already be set in motion, we can have even greater power to create our lives. Thanks for shining light on this!

  7. Annie says:

    Thanks for a well written article that sheds a modern light on the ancient study of astrology. I'd love to read more from you!

  8. John Taylor says:

    Thank you for the lovely article. I really enjoyed thinking about the power that is inherent in the position of the sun and moon and other planets. We all know that the celestial bodies have a profound impact on the earth and life here; like the tides, photosynthesis, the seasons etc. What was new to was to consider that those positions could be a map of our Karma as well. Very interesting. Being at what feels like a great turning point in my life, a Vedic reading could be quite insightful indeed. Thanks again.

  9. Shane says:

    I definitely have more questions than answers after reading this. I like the literalness of the astrology you talk about and would like to hear more about how the more distant planets effect us like the brightness of the moon effects us…

  10. NaturalNorm says:

    "The rising and the setting of the Sun gives us the distinction between night and day. "
    — Profound.

    Otherwise there's no here, here.

  11. Alexander says:

    thank you for sharing your wisdom Eleanor.

  12. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Garrison! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Mia! Happy to hear you are finding Vedic astrology fascinating…. I know I do. 🙂

  14. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Jim! When I first realized that the birth chart is a map of our karma, I became hooked on Vedic Astrology…

  15. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Dave! We astrologers are grateful for self-aware people like you, too.

  16. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Caeli! So glad this was clarifying for you.

  17. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Ben! It's all free will, ultimately… we just don't always remember it. Happy you resonated with that.

  18. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Annie! I have another article in the works and it's all about daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes…

  19. Eleanor says:

    Thanks John! I love contemplating that, too.

  20. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Shane. If this article left you with more questions, then you must be reading it right. 🙂 More to come!

  21. Eleanor says:

    So true. The more one contemplates astrology, the more obvious it becomes. Thanks for your reflection.

  22. Eleanor says:

    Thanks for all that you share, as well, Alexander.

  23. Anitra says:

    Thanks, Eleanor! super appreciated your perspective and insight!

  24. Can't wait to read more! Totally piqued my curiosity!

  25. Lyndsay says:

    Well put. The more i learn about Vedic astrology the more I want to know. I’m looking forward to my next star gazing session already

  26. Tobin says:

    NICE article. Very enlightening. Thank you for sharing, Elle!

  27. Eleanor says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, Anitra!

  28. Eleanor says:

    Thanks, Candice! More to come soon.

  29. Eleanor says:

    Vedic Astrology makes the night sky even more compelling than it is already…

  30. Eleanor says:

    Thanks Tobin!