May 1, 2013

Ravishing Ishtar: Reclaiming Masculine & Feminine Fierceness. ~ Rebecka Eggers

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Inciting the Rose to Blossom.

“With the disconnect from the Sacred there is no transcendence, merely acquisitive, ego-feeding need. Our worth is counted in a youth bought in extension with face creams, and our sexual allure propped up with Viagra and cut with cocaine…If we are going to be whores, we should fuck and feast as if we were divine. These are our last days on earth.”

~ Peter Grey, The Red Goddess

Something has been lost in the New Age rush toward the light. Fierceness is missing in action! We are afraid of it.

We have seen fierce men savage the land, tear women apart with sexual violation and vanquish any sense of feminine value with simple acts of cruel dismissal. We have also seen the shadow masculine channeled through large organizations and regimes that are now self-perpetuating. Their energy of dominance and exploitation has taken on a life of its own.

We have seen fierceness in women turn them into exhausted, near dead copies of the masculine “ideal.” They have lost themselves in striving and conquering. I have been there.

In an effort to restore some love and wisdom to this world, we have asked men and women alike to return to softness. In our effort to contain the kind of masculine aggression that leads to domestic violence and sexual abuse, we have also enshrined victimhood as an ideal. The rush towards the light seems to demand that we tiptoe around trying not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities and working to make sure nothing that looks like aggression becomes a part of our bedroom dance.

Meanwhile, a blowout is happening on the other end of the spectrum.

The rush to the light hasn’t solved anything. It has only caused the mass rejection of fierceness and the characterization of all aggression as a sin worthy of excommunication from the progressive community. All this emphasis on the light to the exclusion of anything resembling darkness has only sent aggression and fierceness underground rather than giving it its rightful expression in the warrior archetype. We have tried to exorcise the warrior. It is now expressing as the opposite pole to the passivity that runs rampant in the New Age community.

Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and war. There is good reason for this. Love and war go hand in hand.

The male lover who lacks the warrior’s fierceness and commitment to a transpersonal cause is a Don Juan running about the streets with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and his dick in the other. The female lover who lacks the warrior opens her knees indiscriminately without asking for honor and reverence or else she gets lost in the idle romantic fantasies of the Don Juan seeing only the flowers.

She mistakes seduction for love. Over and over again, her heart is broken.

The warrior without the lover is just a soldier. A soldier either expresses as unbridled, indiscriminate aggression or his aggression is directed by his orders. A soldier doesn’t know what he is fighting for.

When the right set up is in place, both fierceness and aggression are part of the love dance. They are a natural, normal, and desirable part of life and of manifesting everything from dreams and goals to passionate relationships. It isn’t the content we need to look at. It is the context.

There is so much talk these days about honoring the goddess. Much of the dialogue centers around having more pleasurable sexual experiences as if being sweet to the divine feminine (and to the women who stand as vessels for her) will solve everything.

I have come to know Ishtar over months of working with her. I have offered myself as a conduit for her over and over again. I don’t think she is interested in sweet. I don’t think she cares whether you have better orgasms or not, at least not as an end all be all for sacred sexual engagement.

There was a time in Babylon when the high priestess and her male consort came together in fertility rites. Both masculine and feminine energies and the exchange of those energies was seen as vital to thriving crops and a thriving civilization. I get the sense these were fierce, aggressive primal rites as much as they were soft and pleasurable.

The high priestess and the priest made love in possession states. They opened to the divine and gave it full expression in human form. In this context of mutuality and complementary opposites, aggression and fierceness were not a problem.

Women didn’t need to ask for honor and reverence. It was built into the culture.

If I am honored and revered, my lover can pin me up against the wall and take me with all the fierceness he can muster. I will return the fierceness thrust for thrust. Without honor and reverence, he needn’t touch me at all. He will only come to know my fierceness in another capacity. He will incite the ferocity of my warrior.

I think Ishtar would approve.

I don’t intend to sound like I am angry at men. Women have played a huge part in creating the dynamics of the hedonistic, pleasure focused sexuality that has emerged. We have settled for sweet in the place of reverence and asked men to be soft so we could feel assured that nothing will ever get out of control.

Women have often put on the victim role and kept it on long after it ceased to serve any useful purpose such as exposing and addressing a violation. We have been so afraid of men that we have rejected anyone who actually behaves like a man. We have settled for fly boys, men lacking commitment to anything beyond the present moment.

Fly boys make love with one foot out the door as they kiss you tenderly. A distraction!

Women have been focused on all the wrong things. We have only asked that we never have to confront the edge of our comfort zone and that we never have to process the abuse we have suffered so we can leave it behind. We have paid a terrible price for our comfort.

We have victimized ourselves over and over again and we have used the fly boys to do it.

As for men, how many are willing to truly take on the responsibility of being a conduit for the god, a pillar of the thriving community, the seed that makes the crops grow? How many men are willing to go even further by cultivating their masculine power in its fullest and then bringing the fertility rites within? Who is willing to seed the womb of the Ishtar that lives within the soul of every man instead of projecting his creative capacity and sensuality on the women around him?

This is the true order of things. Learn to love yourself and to care for yourself and your desires first.

Commit to becoming the master of yourself. I will do the same.

And I am calling my sisters. Awaken priestess! Come to the temple and worship and then know yourself as the living temple of the goddess.

Ishtar’s flower is the rose. Every woman is her priestess. Let the rosebud remain tightly closed until a warrior lover comes along and incites the rose to blossom. Then let him ravish Ishtar with every ounce of fierceness he can bring.

Let him fiercely support her in her shining. Let him fiercely defend her temple against all assaults that would diminish or degrade the value of womanhood. Let him fiercely commit to her happiness and to the children of their union whether they be spiritual or physical. Let him fiercely plant both feet squarely on the ground and love her ecstatically. Let him fiercely witness her in ecstasy as she bathes his loins in the living waters of her womb. Let him fiercely drink of her nectar and know that it is sweet.

“Life has always taken place in a tumult without apparent cohesion, but it only finds its grandeur and its reality in ecstasy and in ecstatic love.”

~ George Bataille


Rebecka Eggers, Freedom Activator and Passion Priestess, is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, and a Reiki Master. After spending the better part of 20 years working as a transactional tax attorney, Rebecka had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of her life. She now lives in Southern Mexico where she is trailblazing The Passion Path. The Passion Path is the power path of initiation into whole-hearted, skillful living. It begins at the crossroads where the path of lessons and obstacles meets the path of opportunities, growth, and transformation. If you feel like you have been chained up at the crossroads for what seems like an eternity, Rebecka is available to guide you in the process of claiming your freedom and your power so you can get on your Passion Path. You can find out more about Rebecka and the programs she offers at rebeckaeggers.com. Connect with Rebecka on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.


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