May 12, 2013

Simple Steps to Balancing the Energy of Your Home. ~ Joyce Smith

A home should be more than just a structure.

A home should be your dream palace, your relaxing retreat from the pressures of daily life. Your home should reflect the happiness and love that you feel for your family.

The key to creating a healthy balance in your home is the infusion of both positive and mellow energy. The right amount of both can instantly boost your productivity and improve your mood and energy levels. It’s important to also cleanse your space of negativity, clutter and anything that reflects an uninspired lifestyle.

Follow these simple steps for a home that emanates with harmonious energy.

The Basic Principles of Feng Shui Decorating

Dating back over 7000 years, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese practice used in interior decorating, landscaping and architecture.

It’s a system of placing and organizing objects in such a way that the elements (or the “chi”) of the space are in perfect balance with each other. Here’s a brief road map to Feng Shui:

>>Remove any junk (more on that later) and get organized. A messy space throws off the energy balance, or the “Yin” (dark) and “Yang” (bright) of your home.

>>Determine which direction your home faces. It’s the one with the door or window facing the busiest side (the “Yang”), be it a crowded street or a picturesque view.

>>Face furniture like your TV, bed or desk towards the openings of the room. It allows for energy to travel freely, creating a “bagua” (energy map) of your home.

>>If your home is filled with too many bright “yang” colors, incorporate cooler, muted “yin” colors like blue into your décor. And vice versa.

>>Let the light in. Open or discard of as many curtains as possible to let the natural sunlight into your home. Paint your walls white or bright colors if they’re too drab.

>>Add greenery, wind chimes, crystals or mobiles to liven up the energy of any room.

The philosophy of Feng Shui encompasses so much more, but the main thing to remember is that its ultimate goal is to cultivate balance between the Yin and Yang energies. You can’t have too much or too little of either.

As mentioned, having too much of anything is a Feng Shui faux pas. Focus on getting rid of your material surplus.

Hoarding No More

Dirtiness, hoarding and unnecessary clutter are poisonous to the energy of your home. It’s time to go through your old boxes, clothing closet and shelves and ask yourself: do I really need this?

Establish these firm rules to help tidy up your home:

>>One-year limit. Are there things in your closet or storage that you haven’t used in a year? If you don’t realistically see a future use for it, time to give it away.

>>Filing cabinet. If you don’t own a filing cabinet or something like one, get one. Use it to organize all of your important documents that you’d otherwise leave in a pile on your desk.

>>Schedule your life. Instead of leaving invitations and flyers around the house, program the event info into a calendar. Several calendar apps exist for smart phones or you can use one, old-school calendar where you keep all of the entries.

>>Garage sales. Yard or garage sales are one of the best ways to rid your home of unwanted things. For anything you’re unable to sell, donate the items.

>>One-in-one-out. Avoid filling your home with multiple versions of the same thing. Buy something, and get rid of something else.

>>Banishment of junk. You might think that there’s sentimental value to the cereal box featuring your favorite childhood character. You’re wrong. Banish any unusable, unfixable or incomplete items you just can’t seem to let go of.

>>Any objects that are reminiscent of negative events (like a messy break-up or a tragedy) should also be banished. Once your home is clean, organized and purged of bad memories, you’ll instantly notice a change in its energy balance.

Now you can start incorporating other, less commonplace approaches to home balancing, like BioGeometry.

Get an A+ in BioGeometry

Despite what you may think, BioGeometry isn’t an advanced high school math class. Established by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in the late 1960s, BioGeometry examines the scientific relationship between energy and shapes. Its core philosophy is that shapes can bring balance to all energy that exists within nature.

BioGeometry Energy-Balancing Products are specially designed to apply the balancing effects of BioGeometry to your home. Products such as the home energy-balancing cube, charging trays and pendants can help to maintain a Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance in your space.

Dr. Karim recognizes that the pressures of our daily routine can interrupt the balance of nature. BioGeometry helps to realign that balance for a happier, healthier home. A wide variety of other decorate objects can help you do that as well.

Energy by Design

When interior and exterior decorating, incorporate items that will help to bring harmony to your home. Décor should be fashionable, but it can also serve a functional purpose that compliments your overall scheme.

>>Earthing Accessories. “Earthing” mats can improve your home’s energy by connecting you to the nutrients and energy of the Earth. For the mat to work, stand on it barefoot as the ground’s energy is conducted through a specialized grounded cord or grounding rod.

>>Balancing Colors. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, infusing the right amount of bright (“Yang”) colors with mellow (“Yin”) colors can successfully balance the energy of your home. A balanced color scheme will prevent your rooms from being too monotonous or bright.

Celes Pellegrini

>>Crystals. There is a large assortment of Feng Shui crystals out there, but the most commonly used type is made of faceted lead. They are meant to symbolize a variety of things, like love, clarity and protection for your home.

>>Fountains. According to Feng Shui, fountains are meant to symbolize the flowing source of wealth. They can be placed in your home or in the tranquil garden in your backyard. The calming flow of water also helps to inspire relaxation and peace.

>>Bamboo. The Feng Shui philosophy teaches that bamboo is lucky. You can purchase bamboo from your local flower or home and garden shop. For maximum luckiness, place the bamboo in a pot with some nice rocks and incorporate it into your garden or home décor.

>>Buddhas. In Feng Shui, Buddha sculptures, figurines and images are more than just religious symbols. An item made in the image of Buddha represents harmony and spiritual growth for its owner.

Sit Back and Relax

Your “re-decorating” efforts should cause a substantial improvement in your energy levels, motivation and mood. Now that you’ve successfully optimized the energy of your home, it’s time to enjoy the spiritual benefits your hard work. It’s time to live in harmony with the people and things you love most.

Joyce Smith has over ten years of experience as a PR professional. At home and in the office, she abides by the mantra of living healthy. Joyce is also a regular contributor to the blog ExpertNotion.com.

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