May 11, 2013

Why Obstacles Don’t Go Away (& Why They Do).

Imagine that you’re digging in the garden, putting in a new vegetable bed, when your shovel hits an obstacle—a rock.

It takes a lot of digging to dislodge the rock and pry it out of the earth before you can prepare the soil and put in the tomato plants. It takes grit, sweat and muscle.

But what about the inner obstacles? How can you remove those patterns of thought and emotion that are in the way of what you want to create in your life? Grit, sweat, and muscle won’t work when it comes to inner obstacles.

The more you struggle against the inner obstacles, the more they interfere. Even though you’re ready to move on, the obstacle is in the way.

You’re ready to renew your life—to experience a new, more creative, joyful, abundant, life-enriching state of being—but the pattern keeps returning.

Because it’s not a rock…it’s a reactive pattern.

A repetitive structure of consciousness; an identity—that has outlived its usefulness. The reactive pattern is the obstacle that stands in your way. How can you remove it?

This is where mantra meditation is so powerful.

Mantra meditation is an ancient practice of attuning the mind to sacred sounds. Through this process of meditative attunement, you bring your mind and body into resonance with the power, the presence, and the creative potential contained in the mantra.

The mantra for removing obstacles is Om Gum Ganapataye.
(Here’s a doodle of how it works…)

But, what are mantras, really?

Mantras are primordial sound patterns that heal the heart and liberate the mind.

The word mantra is a Sanskrit term that is derived from two root words:

Man—which means mind
Tra—which means tool or form

Thus, mantra is both a special form or pattern of consciousness, and a tool for re-patterning the mind, by bringing your mind into resonance with the mantra’s sacred pattern.

What does this mean for you and your life?

Your life is structured in consciousness. The pattern of your thoughts and emotions give rise to your life experiences. In order to change the pattern of your life experiences, change the patterning of your inner consciousness.

This is a fundamental realization of all wisdom traditions.

The great sages who developed the mantra meditation system took this realization and made it practical.

In states of deep meditation, the ancient yogis made contact and communed with profound states of consciousness—states of creativity, wisdom, peace and love.

The sages perceived these states as living patterns of vibrations; vibrations that could be heard with the inner ear and intoned with the inner voice and could move as palpable energy throughout your body.

These sages returned to everyday consciousness with this realization: by chanting, by attuning, by absorbing themselves in the sound vibration that corresponded to one of those sacred states of being—they could return to, commune with, and integrate that state into their life.

This is the key to the sacred power of mantra meditation.

Each mantra is like a sacred code that gives you access to a profound and creative state of consciousness.

As you absorb your mind more and more deeply into the resonance of the mantra—that very state of consciousness begins to animate your life. As your mind assumes the patterning of the mantra, the blessings of that pattern are woven into your life.

If you continue to live within the patterns of your conditioning, you’ll continue to encounter the limitations of that conditioning.

You’ll never solve the repetitive problems of your life using the ideas, strategies, or tactics of your conditioned mind. Because everything that mind can conceive is an expression of conditioned consciousness.

As long as you’re operating within those conditioned patterns, that’s what you’ll experience.

Mantra meditation offers a method for entering a different, more expansive and balanced state of consciousness in which the problems of your previous state of consciousness are either solved, resolved, or (most often) dissolved.

Through communion with the mantra, the patterning of your consciousness is transformed.

Through transforming the pattern of your consciousness, you change your world.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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