May 23, 2013

Your Inner Guru & the Full-Body Yes. ~ Sofiah Thom

Do you ever feel confused about how to navigate your path?

We have all the answers we need within us.

The body has its own natural intelligence, an inner guru that is separate from the intelligence of the mind.

We can be our own teachers; we just have to take the time to slow down and listen to our inner gurus.

How often do you make time to simply listen to your body and move in an intuitive way?

Our bodies know exactly how to guide us if we just give ourselves permission and trust. If you really listen to your body, it will lead you to move in ways that feel yummy where your body says, “Yes, more please!”

When we get out of our heads and bring our awareness into our bodies, we begin to tap into the wisdom and intelligence of our cellular structure. Each cell holds and contains memory of our entire life’s story from before we were born.

By listening to our innate wisdom, we have the ability to shift old beliefs, patterns, stories and traumas we store to ones that are more aligned with our highest self.

When we are open to listening to our inner guru, we find the path of least resistance and open ourselves to new ways of moving through the world.

Our bodies communicate information to our minds through physical sensations—pleasure, pain, butterflies in the stomach, contraction, expansion, goose bumps, etc. All sensations in our body act as a feedback mechanism to inform us when something is in alignment and when we need to pay attention to something that is out of alignment.

As we become more in touch with our innate wisdom, we begin to see the correlation of how our mind affects our body and vice versa.

Yoga is an amazing way of strengthening our connection and bringing more balance between body and mind. Through yoga, we can explore the relationship between our thoughts and how they manifest in our bodies, and just as our thoughts manifest in our bodies, our body manifests in our mind.

Having a chronic neck injury for the past seven years has taught me how to listen and trust myself. I have to listen—otherwise I could re-injure myself. It has become my gift of listening to my inner teacher.

Our bodies hold deep wisdom ready to be uncovered with all the answers. We are our own gurus. If we can surrender the mind and slow down enough to listen, we will discover a freedom in giving ourselves permission to move authentically from the inside out.

In practicing this level of trust in ourselves, we then begin to take that off the mat and into our lives, trusting we know exactly how to guide ourselves and co-create the life we want to live.

Yoga asanas were created partly as a moving meditation, quieting the mind as we tap into the wisdom of our inner guru. Sometimes, it’s as simple as focusing on the dance of our breath as it rises and falls in our bodies.

My practice of getting to know my inner guru takes my yoga off the mat and into motion. I don’t know how I am going to move, but simply surrender and allow my authenticity to shine forth through my yoga in motion.

Take time in your life to turn your gaze inward to your rich inner landscape, to listen and get to know your inner guru; this will strengthen the trust within yourself and empower you as you move through the world.

Get to know your body.

When do you feel most alive? Listen and you will know when every cell of your body says yes!

This is your inner guru talking to you through a full-body yes!


Sofiah will be teaching in Denver this weekend (May 24th). For more information, please go here.


Sofiah Thom creates environments for transformation and self-discovery. An interdisciplinary artist with her undergraduate degree in Dance Therapy from Naropa University, studies at the Tamalpa Institute in Expressive Healing Arts, and a myriad of trainings in bodywork, yoga and dance, Sofiah’s deep understanding of the body shines through her work as she inspires us to shine our light and to remember our essence through the joy of authentic expression. Sofiah developed Danyasa™ Yoga in Motion and teaches workshops and teacher trainings in this modality where Yoga meets expressive movement. When Sofiah is not at her home studio in the jungles of Dominical, Costa Rica, she travels, teaches and performs sharing her passion with the world. Learn more about Sofiah on her website.



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Image source: Sofiah Thom

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