June 14, 2013

De-listed as an Endangered Species?

Photo: Robert Dewar

Survival of the Species.

We live in such an interesting and competitive time between human and beast.

The wild animal that was once enlisted on the Endangered Species Act is now being de-listed as we speak.

And, that animal has become fair game.

How did this happen?

These wild beasts are happily roaming and romping in their own chosen areas; yet, it is we people who are encroaching upon them, then killing them when we feel their “numbers” have gotten too large, or they have roamed into areas where they were not  “supposed” to be.

Hey, they were here first!

We, as citizens, have totally built our lives around their space and their land. We have no right to take out an animal for the sake of apathy towards understanding why they chose to harm that person in the ocean in the first place. Or, why the grizzly wandered into the campground in their forest area and chose to mangle those who weren’t aware enough to discard their food properly. It’s totally our own fault. We lead these beautiful creatures into areas that were not meant for them, and then we kill them because we don’t understand how they can’t be controlled and managed. It makes me and the environmentalists a bit crazy and saddened.

To launch into a full manhunt for the shark that gobbled up a surfer sounds a bit aggressive. I mean, there are a million sharks in the big blue ocean, and the Coast Guard wants to shoot (on site) the one who tore off the leg of an innocent human swimmer. It’s totally up to us to take the responsibility for knowing the risks once we enter into the territory of any wild animals.

We don’t own them.

We don’t control their behaviors.

If anything, we owe them respect.

They have been encroached upon for centuries. Then, we capture them, put them in zoos or circuses and have our way with them. It stands to reason that they lose their spirit and their complete authentic wild beast ways. It was not meant to be that way. They are wild animals and are meant to stay in the wild.

I consider it a privilege to be in their presence at any time, and I would take every precaution to not get in their way. If it’s mating season for any animal in the wild, that stands to reason that the mother is a bit more protective of her young or soon-to-be young. The males of all species hold their ground, and the mama is no less tame. She is doing what is in her nature when it comes to her babies. I get that, and I will get out of their way.

Last year, we killed off an entire wolf pack in Washington state, and Defenders of Wildlife and other environmental organizations were scrambling for answers. Even lawmakers in Washington, D.C. questioned the tactics of those who completed the aerial slaughter of an entire pack of eight wolves. It was so archaic and unnecessary.

Now, the Obama Administration has gone to even further extremes by stripping all wolves of protection across the lower 48 states. How can this be? There is so much loyalty and lore of this magical creature. The native spirit depends on this icon for their survival, as do wildlife management protocols for the natural thinning of other species.

The dolphin killing in Japan is causing Greenpeace and several other environmentalists to take their case to the world, by posting gruesome photos of the massacre of thousands of dolphins on a daily basis. Why?

These mammals are so very crucial to our existence. They provide the intelligence, the balance, and the serenity that nature and our world so desperately needs. We are the ones to blame. We have gone onto their land and pretty much wiped out one species after another.

To de-list any animal that has been on the Endangered Species Act for many years is a recipe for disaster. Most of the animals on the endangered list have yet to achieve their proper numbers for habitat balance. That animal will become threatened and possibly extinct again, and we’ll be scratching our heads as to why we no longer can manage and control the deer population in the mountain cities.

My only hope for this crazy unbalanced human vs. animal world is that the powers-that-be will realize that we are all meant to share the world. We are all meant to love and respect each other. That includes all the grizzlies, polar bears, whales, dolphins, wolves, monkeys, lizards, snakes, and even down to the smallest species that deserves another breath to survive.

Let’s stop the unnecessary killing and give the environmentalists a little room to catch their own breaths. It is only our ignorance that threatens a species. It is up to us to be that change we wish to see in the world. Compassion goes a long way.

An open heart goes even further….



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Ed: B. Bemel

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Read 4 comments and reply

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