Do you or someone you know suffer from Bitchy Resting Face?

Via elephant journal
on Jun 11, 2013
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bitchy resting face funny video

Via a comment on Reddit:

Apparently when I’m focused/concentrating it looks like I’m really brooding/sad.

“Are you sad?”


“Is something wrong?”


“You don’t have to deny it, you can trust me, just tell me what’s wrong!”

“I’m trying to focus on something and you won’t fuck off”

“See! I knew something was wrong. It’s ok now, shh. Shh. It’s ok to cry.”

“Bitchy Resting Face is a disorder that affects millions of women every day. Together we can face the problem.”

Are you actually a bitch? An asshole? Then try tonglen—a practice for love, vulnerability, strength in tough times, compassion and empathy—and see us in the morning.


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27 Responses to “Do you or someone you know suffer from Bitchy Resting Face?”

  1. nancy nielsen says:

    just smile…! Or does it hurt to smile?

  2. Aella says:

    OMG, I used to, and my mom still does, get in trouble for the "bitchy resting face" thing. It sucks! We put so much concentration into working, and that's how our faces look. Awesome video. And so funny!

  3. JenG says:

    HA! I definitely get in trouble at work for this. I don't understand why people won't leave me alone about it either. That's just my face!!!!

  4. West says:

    It's not just women. People tell me I look like I am going to hurt someone.

    There is nothing as attractive as a woman who smiles!

  5. Anne says:

    Thank you so much for this. I don’t feel so alone now. Unfortunately the problem gets worse as you get older. Really it’s a problem of people projecting, that is imagining what you’re thinking about them and then believing what they’ve imagined rather than keeping an open mind. And to anyone who says “just smile”; do you smile all the time, for example when you’re reading a book?.

  6. Alanna says:

    haha, ah, this is so funny! thank you, bitches! 😀

  7. Ed S. says:

    Hey, I have resting miserable face!

  8. andrew says:

    that's krazy talk…if u have an expression like her than you have attitude…ie bitchy resting face…so ridiculous

  9. Sharon says:

    Really funny and ironic. I have sad meditation face (and don't we all?)

  10. Nelly says:

    It's not that funny when it's real! I have a permanent frown line between my eyes which makes me look sad/mad/depressed and I am constantly told "smile, it could be worse" or asked "what's wrong" etc etc. Very annoying!

  11. Nelly says:

    Totally agree Anne! And why the heck should someone have to smile to assuage someone else's feelings of discomfort based on their own erroneous projection?

  12. mrskavs says:

    I have WTF wrinkles between my brows that conflict with what others have called my "sickeningly sweet disposition"

  13. Helene says:

    Wire Fox Terrier wrinkles?

  14. Lol says:

    hahah this is funny. this used to be me. until i realised i really did have a problem and was holding in everything. that's why I had resting bitchy face. now i don't have resting bitchy face as much. true story.

  15. michellec433 says:

    I tend to have the opposite problem and have super smiley face all the time. I only get bitchy resting face when I am doing artwork, cooking, or I can't read something. So funny!

  16. Laela says:

    Oh great another aspect of women’s appearance that we have to worry about. Give it a rest already.

  17. Mic says:

    I too have bitchy resting face. Plagued me for years. Thank you for this awareness campaign. I really am a good person! It's just my bitchy resting face.

  18. Robin Turner says:

    I definitely have it.

  19. Pythia says:

    We’ve always called ut “Chronic Bitchface”. I personally, have suffered from Chronic Bitchface my entire life. Its not just when concentrating though. Its at any point of the day. People dont wonder with concern what’s wrong. They just avoid me out of fear. Its kind of great, actually. I’ve never sought a cure.

  20. Dawnette ratzlaff says:

    Right on…. I agree wuth you 🙂

  21. Paulette says:

    Loved this right up to the end when you made light of deafness and abortion.

  22. Lindsey says:

    I totally just have a sad looking resting face… but I'm also usually sad too.

  23. Cindy says:

    how can it be humanly possible to be expected to smile all the time? We are not robots.
    A very insulting comment.

  24. Penny says:

    For some people genetics just are what they are. There are things we can't change like features that slope down or slope down more with age–after 60-80 years of gravity pulling at them. After all, other things sag too. 😉 Then, there are those people who suffer chronic pain. It can be reflected in the features even when the person isn't focused on it. They may actually be quite happy because it's a good day for them. We need to learn that when someone says they are happy or they are ok to accept that most of the time, especially when it's another adult that we don't know well.

  25. Stacey says:

    You are rocking my world this morning. I have had my smile commented on and loved throughout the world and when it isn't there people are freaked out! Some of those people, I knew just genuinely wanted to check in with me. But those who didn't just made me rant about the impossibility of smiling 24/7. Honestly, all the smiling made it hard to have thinking time. And I get pretty upset when I don't get to think, what with my brain being so radical. Thanks for the video and commentary.

  26. Freolf says:

    This is something that only females deal with, Introverted females specifically. Never heard a man being told to "smile'. i have been told tosmile since adolescence, just walking down the street. Females are expected to smile and look pleasant or mildly submissive at all times, people are disturbed by a serious female. There are also fewer introverted females than males and majority of females are extraverted. So fuck off some men and extroverted women-and let us be., deep in thought and unselfconscious about how we appear to you,.

  27. Eric says:

    I….I too suffer from Asshole face. People are constantly telling me to cheer up and that "It's not all that bad". I apparently look angry all the time. Now that I'm self-conscious about it I try to remember to smile. When I remember to smile I look like I'm a psycho. I promise that I'm not angry or a psycho! Ever!