June 22, 2013

“If You Know Someone Who Doesn’t Believe Sexism Exists, Show Them This.” {Trigger warning}


“You can’t silence somebody when they have 25,000 voices behind them saying, ‘I believe you—and it’s happened to me too.’

When I was seventeen and traveling in Europe with a friend, a man got into our train compartment, placed a napkin over the crotch of his pants, and started masturbating.

Frozen in horror, I remember making myself as small as possible, and using my jean jacket as a shield. 

I wanted to disappear.

That’s the first memory that surfaces as I sit here on a rainy Saturday, trying to take myself back to each and every moment over my 38 years when I experienced sexual harassment.

The moments—comments, looks, touches, grabs, gropes—made me feel that shrinking myself down in size was the answer and, if I close my eyes, and settle into my body, I can feel the almost insurmountable shame that arises.

I could fill a book with my stories and I’m astounded at my urge to cry.

And scream. And rant. And rage.

Please let your voice be heard; share your story, share your truth.

(Are you scared? I am too—but if we don’t talk about it, then how will we know that we are not alone?)




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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Read 3 comments and reply

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