June 18, 2013

The Mindfullest Chair on Planet Earth.

Props to The Kitchen for buying real Emeco chairs–these things are expensive, they last forever, and are made of recycled content (Coke bottles in this case, I prefer the aluminum which I use at my home and our HQ, “Hotelephant”–the pure metal ones last 150 years and are warrantied for life and can be dropped off a two story building without a dent and were built for the military). All Emecos are Made in USA by a family business in Pennsylvania.


In 2006, Coca-Cola approached Emeco to solve an environmental problem — taking recycled Coca-Cola bottles out of landfill and “upcycling” them into an iconic structural item, made to last. Emeco committed to the challenge with the new material, taking soft recycled PET plastic, originally intended for short-lived fabric and textiles, and build a tough, one-piece, scratch-resistant chair for heavy-duty use. “Although reengineering a core product was a significant investment for us, I was excited about the impact of using the rPET from millions of bottles each year. We’ve turned something many people throw away into something you want and keep for long, long time,” said Buchbinder. The 111 Navy Chair is not just a solution to a problem, but an encouragement to the encouragement of developing environmentally sound structural materials.

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