July 31, 2013

Eat Healthy Carbs To Lose Weight. ~ Adana Baro

Carbs are often the very first component to shun when you decide to shed the extra pounds.

However, many fail to understand that there are ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs. The bad ones can bloat you up like a balloon, and put you in the path of several diseases. On the flip side, the good carbs can keep you slim and healthy.

Here’s a look at the good carbs that have proved to be loyal friends of weight losers.

Opt for whole

Whole grain has all its nutritional charm intact, unlike refined grain which loses a lot of its nutritional charm in the process of getting refined. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that three servings of whole grains per day helped in body fat and abdominal fat reduction.

Researchers at Harvard University also decided to explore the secrets of the whole grain. They found that people who ate whole grain daily weighed 2.5 pounds lesser than those who consumed refined grains.

Brown rice supersedes white

Saying a big no to rice while being on a weight-loss program is redundant now. Brown rice is infused with high amounts of minerals and fibre. The best aspect is that it contains almost no salt! Isn’t that sweet? Brown rice, with 46 grams of carbs per serving, scores higher than the carb-loaded white rice (53 grams) among nutritional experts.

Something better than brown rice: quinoa

Quinoa comes to us from South America, and brings twice the amount of protein than that delivered by brown rice. The proteins found in quinoa have a unique design—they have branch chains amidst which amino acids are formed.

This helps in fat reduction and muscle gain. To reap maximum benefits, you can mix quinoa into a tofu salad.


Bulgur is low-maintenance wheat. It is parboiled, cracked and ½ cup of it delivers 5 grams of full fiber. All you have to do is soak it in hot water, let it stay until it turns fluffy and then press it in a strainer.

You can use it like rice and pair a stir-fry, mixed vegetable curry or stalk with it.

Pita for breakfast

This sounds quite tempting, and is surely going to wake you up before the alarm goes. You just need to make it in the healthy fashion. Buy whole grain pita bread, cut it in half,  open and fill it with tomatoes, onion rings, boiled egg white, spinach leaves and few slices of avocado.

In case you don’t fancy avocados, just know that having avocados for breakfast helps reduce body fat.

Taco salad with lunch

Isn’t life beautiful when a finger-licking breakfast is followed by a yummy salad for lunch? Mince coloured bell peppers, jalapenos, onions, spinach leaves and corn and have them with tacos. Squeeze lemon juice lavishly on top, and you’ll have a yumilicious salad ready!


Let’s take something from Switzerland too to enhance the shedding process. Muesli contains rolled oats, dried fruits and dried nuts. This might sound like a heavy pick, but the amount of minerals, proteins, fibres and vitamin found in it pay off well enough to aid weight loss.


Popcorn can help in weight loss, but not the greasy, flavoured, cheese/caramel popcorn soaked in salt.

Here’s the healthy popcorn recipe (don’t fret, it as tasty as the fattening unhealthy popcorn): Pop 3 cups of popcorn, eat one cup once a week! The fibers are retained when you refrain yourself from adding flavor or butter into it.

Inspired? Then get started with attracting good carbs to your life right away!



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Asst Ed: Terri Tremblett/Ed: Bryonie Wise





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