July 9, 2013

Enjoy the Dust of This Day; It’s Where Dreams Start.

It’s the start of a new week. Post-holiday, post-family time.

And it’s raining.

And there’s this feeling….

It’s unexpected, and that’s the blessing. It’s an internal atmosphere that lacks anything close to exhaustion, dread. There’s nothing upside down. We’re not about to lose a wheel.

It feels good to not have to choose to be positive, but rather to be positivity. To be aligned. To understand that any areas in question (shark-faced memories, or burden-based have-to-do’s) can be dissolved. It’s an allowance not earned, but present, that says we can enjoy the dust of this day.

It’s knowing that living the dream doesn’t mean fixing anything. It’s knowing that living the dream means living the dream.

Accept that all is well and getting better. The Universe is a friendly place. The world is begging to be enjoyed. Your job to be the experience. You’re on the edge of something, but what?

Can you live as the sizzling conductor, allowing life to flow through you? Can you drink up experiences and meet them with rich and wonderful? Can you be a fantastic dervish spinning out joy, love and enthusiasm?

Do you understand that you design your living dream? You are whole and your dream is whole. You can, by just allowing the dream, bring it to the world. Just by allowing it and being it. There’s no reason for anything else.

And never ever place your creativity as restless, as something you can’t get at, as something you have to force. It’s not a situation that someone else has. No! It’s different than that. It’s being in the dream and allowing it. Be excited, and it is yours.

Can you make the switch between that overall anxiety scope to the thrilling, cleansing purity of loving life?

Can you love places and people just because of the feeling they gave you? Can you give up rights to it all and allow it, just for the feeling? What can you create from that space? You can live in that feeling and allow that space to manifest experiences, people and places that bring the dream forth.

Abandon judgment.

Abandon the thought that certain things and experiences can patch over any troubles you’ve had. Be above troubles and strain, thanking them for bringing you the glint of the dream, the sizzle that you now live for. A sizzle you’d not known from a captain’s seat of complete comfort.

Write that down: thanks, universal pal, for guiding me to understand what I want to create. Think beyond anything that nags to a life exciting.

You, out there, you are always living the dream. Can this be your dominant touchstone? Can you see there is nothing to fix? Can you see the good that pours out, rains down, wraps ’round, fills full from your peaceful creativity?

Can you understand that loving the dream, living the dream, brushes the tangled hair of those that hurt, cleanses rooms that have been messy for years, grows roses, smells like basil and feels like a hot spring? This, baby, can come right from you.

And we’ll all thank you, and thank you again in all the world’s languages until the exquisite good flows from forth as it’s meant to.

And the dream? Well, it’s living a bumper-car, mountain-top, ripe-peach life, dear. It’s alive.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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