July 30, 2013

Finding Hope in a Bottle: Mother Finds Message Years After Daughter’s Tragic Death.

“Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

What a most beautiful story. In the years following her tragic death, a daughter’s message in a bottle is unearthed by construction workers sifting through the rubble of Hurricane Sandy.

And, in a setting where everything else was destroyed, amazingly, this one single message mysteriously remained.

“To find a glass bottle, totally undisturbed, under all of that was unbelievable,” said Maria Giustizia, director of Suffolk County Parks and Recreation.

Sidonie Fery tossed this small glass bottle into the rolling ocean waves nearly a decade ago, and while visiting family in Patchogue, New Jersey. Sadly, in April of 2010, Sidonie and another young man fell to their deaths while hiking at a Swiss Boarding School.

Her parents, family and friends were devastated by this loss.

And then, Sidonie’s mother Mimi Fery received this call:

“We found a message in a bottle,” said the excited voice on her home answering machine. “Be excellent to yourself, Dude!”

She knew instantly that this message was a very special message from her daughter. “She was saying, ‘Mom, I’m here,’ ” she offered during an interview.

Isn’t it amazing, how after all these years and no matter what the ‘depth’ of rubble—that hope…always rises above?

Video: The Message That Found Its Way Home.

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