How Has an Abortion Affected Your Life?

Via Stephanie Vessely
on Jul 9, 2013
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How Sharing your Story Could Change the World.

Dear readers,

Last week I published this article about the recent filibuster in Texas by Senator Wendy Davis and Governor Rick Perry’s subsequent reaction.

I’ve long thought about the abortion issue and have always been saddened by how we are either shouting at each other or not talking about it at all.

There is a whole facet to the issue that we don’t address—namely, the stories of the men and women who have had direct experience with abortion.

It’s a big deal to many, and yet we almost never talk about what it really means to have one, what consequences are met, what the experience is like or how it feels to face a choice like that. And yet, it’s happening across the country every single day.

We don’t speak about the debate as if it involves real people. Instead, we say it’s right or wrong and close the door. But I think we need to keep the door open and listen to the stories of the women and men involved. If we can suspend judgement and soften, that’s where transformation happens.

The choice to have or not have an abortion is one that may affect a woman for the rest of her life. No matter what the reason behind it, just because a child isn’t wanted doesn’t mean it isn’t grieved for. And sometimes, it’s not grieved for. Either way, the story is important.

So I would like to ask you to share your stories with me. I’d like to know if you’ve had an abortion and what it’s meant to you. I’d like to know your experiences—good or bad. You can share as much or as little as you’d like. Also feel free to be creative, and step outside the writing medium.

Once I hear from you, I plan to compile the stories and share them (anonymously if preferred) with the community. Consider it an open space for us to talk about something that affects many, but which isn’t given a proper outlet.

If you choose to share, know that it will be done in confidence and with the utmost care. You can send your submissions to [email protected] by August 15th, 2013.

To make a change, awareness and full examination are always the first steps. Thanks in advance for your trust and vulnerability.





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About Stephanie Vessely

Stephanie Vessely lives in Denver, Colorado and is somewhere in the middle of a lifelong love affair with words. She feels a little out of place a lot of the time and thinks writing about herself in third person is awkward. She is regularly saved by yoga and is searching for Truth. These are a few places she’s found it: the swaying of tree branches, the ocean, the laughter of her niece and nephew and her own heart, when she can be still enough to hear it. She’s an aspiring vegan who loves travel, hates small talk and hopes to help save the animals. Someday, she’ll learn how to tap dance. In the meantime, she keeps scribbled secret notebooks and knows everything is as it should be, even if she has a hard time remembering it. Follow her on Facebook or visit her website.


3 Responses to “How Has an Abortion Affected Your Life?”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie, this is such a gift. We need to change the discourse around abortion. Thank you.

  2. svessely says:

    Thanks Stephanie!

  3. Ifionkyknew says:

    I agree with you! It’s been ten years since my abortion and I still grieve over it. I have a four year old who will be an only child who wants a sibling. I look at her like she’s “the baby” not an only. Today, she asked for a sister and I told her she had one, but she’s in heaven, as I believe I would have had a girl. A facade of disaster is what the abortion doctor and counselor gave to me. I am angry at them and myself, still struggling to forgive us all.