Signs & Synchronicities.

I have to admit, I pay attention to absolutely everything related to what’s going on in my heart.

That one opportunity missed, that one conversation I meant to have, or that one notion that I just can’t seem to get out of my brain; this all comes to fruition and a better understanding when I am aware of the signs and synchronicities happening all around.

It took me years to figure this out. I had a clear understanding of angels and the smallest sign that one was always sitting on my shoulder. But lately? This angel is more apparent than ever—and, I mean, ever!!

My travels, of late, have all produced one important and vital sign at just the right moment. Oftentimes, it appears as a coin on the road. Even that random butterfly that graces my presence, seemingly out of the blue, and follows me for a few steps when I run, I pay attention to that.

Lately, it has been chosen words out of books, or street signs, or a hawk. I even notice when some conversation that I’m listening to has only one word that resonates with me. It may seem silly to some, but I take that as a sign. Mainly because it happened at just the moment I was thinking of the very same thing.

Same with photos—if I am gazing at a photo, that person inevitably contacts me right then and there.

Is this part of some awakening? I think so.

Am I part of an overall awareness that is happening here on mother earth? Most definitely.

The unique signs that we all experience is a message that we are connecting to some forces beyond our control. Not having any control over these experiences is even more of a blessing; surrendering to the moment.

Now, synchronicity is movement at the same time and the same rate, as other happenings are doing the very same thing. It’s as if you are in sync with what the world around you is also in sync with every moment. It can happen so fast.

Can you tell when a sign or synchronicity has occurred? I have no doubt that we are further along on our paths than ever. I have full faith and hope that, as we are six months into 2013, we are all having one major “aha” moment every day.

The signs that are special to you can be anything; a feather floats by, just when you needed to feel less weight about an issue. The sunset is on fire, right at that time that you were thinking about someone who is close to your heart. A specific number of something appears at that time that you needed to make an important decision about anything involving time or money. And, a memorable quote shows up in your inbox, when you were in a funk and needed inspiration or motivation.

This is synchronicity in full swing!

What a great life we have, to be able to pay homage to what the universe is telling us. To listen to our inner voice, trust it, and have all the signs and synchronicities to back it all up.

That, right there, is telling us we are on the right path.

To be on the right path, whatever it may be, is being awake and aware. To give back and appreciate this path is the ultimate gift—to you and mother earth.

Surrender to the signs; those angels have something to say, and they don’t quit, even when you are feeling blue.

If anything, they will ramp up their efforts and place you right where you need to be.

Somehow, this all makes sense right now.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

{Photo: via Eva on Pinterest}

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Amanda Jul 6, 2013 6:06am

Ok, seriously, I JUST wrote a blog post about this yesterday. Not trying to self-promote or anything like that. Check it out. There are less than a handful of people around me who get this topic but it’s profound. Thanks for your article! Sounds cheesy, but it’s exactly what I needed to see.

anna harrison Jul 2, 2013 12:12pm


Tom Jul 2, 2013 2:22am

fully resonating with what U wrote, love the article 😉

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