July 25, 2013

There Is a Woman in India & She Is Creating a Spiritual Revolution.

“Haloed in splendor, the Divine Mother stood before me. Her face, tenderly smiling, was beauty itself. ‘Always have I loved thee! Ever shall I love thee!’ The celestial tones still ringing in the air. She disappeared.”

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

She’s considered by Christians as the Black Madonna, by Buddhists as the deity Tara, by Indians as Kali. In fact, some Indians consider her to be as great a spiritual master as Lord Krishna, Buddha or Christ.

She cured a leper nobody else dared to touch.

As a child, she used to spontaneously collapse in states of bliss and lose consciousness.

She has reinstated female priests into the Hindu tradition in accordance with the ancient Vedic traditions of India, despite much resistance from the patriarch.

She has set up a state of the art heart hospital so people can get treatments that they never could have afforded otherwise. It costs $1 million per month to run and does so from donations of time and money from her devotees.

She is rolling out a mission to build 25,000 cement homes for those that have none, leaving out bathrooms and kitchens so only those who truly need them apply.

She feeds, clothes and educates hundreds of orphans. She has plans to build a hospital for AIDS sufferers.

She has met with scientists and baffled them with her knowledge of the universe even though she left school in the fourth grade.

She has set up schools where children are taught to meditate so they can access their natural intellect within.

She has set up numerous temples that are unique in the fact that they are designed to worship the divine that is within rather than an image of divinity considered to be outside of us.

She turned water into milk and then into pudding in front of a skeptical crowd.

Abused as a child, now loved by millions, she travels the world healing our hearts and fragmented minds to help us take the next step in the evolution of consciousness. She does all of this with her loving hugs.

She is the Divine Mother. She is on a mission to bring spiritual balance back into our world and she could be coming to your country soon on her yearly tour.

We have an avatar in the female form that manifested in a country where women are abused relentlessly. The Dalai Lama has mentioned in the past that next time he may reincarnate as a woman, as wonderful as that would be, it is already happening today.

The “All That Is” is here in the female form and her name is Amma. Watch her documentary below and, ladies, share the incredible news far and wide.

“At the moment, the global mind-set has swung to the extreme left of rational materialism. It’s like being on the ship Titanic—we are listing dangerously to one side—getting ready to sink. Amma’s force for good in the world is helping to bring us back into balance.” ~ Judith Cornell, Amma: A Living Saint

{Photos: via Carlos and Lara Rabbit}


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Ed: B. Bemel

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