You’d Think Reflection Would Be Easy. ~ Brooke Edwards

Via Brooke Edwards
on Jul 25, 2013
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You’d think reflection would be easy.

As if staring into a clear pond,

You would see yourself so clearly

Just as you’d imagined yourself to be

And yet

And yet

It’s so wildly different.

There are details that didn’t exist in your imagination

That you notice.

There are blatantly obvious things

You had no idea you were holding.

There are ripples

Just subtle enough

Across the water

That allow the image to shift and change

As the light too,

Moving across the sky,

Brings both clouds and alpenglow

To the ever changing backdrop.


It is amazing

This time for reflection

This gazing deeply

This checking in from within

To that face staring back from the pond

Those eyes filled to the brim with love

With knowing

With life lessons

With inspiration

With despair

With confusion

With clarity

With questions

With answers

With the deepest love ever witnessed

With the strongest heart ever shown

With openings upon openings

Upon openings.


The eyes look back

And in them

You know

What it is you’ve

Been looking for

All along…


It is life.

It is love.

It is you.


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Assist.Ed: Jade Belzberg/Ed: Brianna Bemel


About Brooke Edwards

Brooke Edwards is a passionate skier, writer, instructor, guide, and operations manager for a small ecotourism company in Alaska. She calls the Chugach Mountains her home in the ski town of Girdwood, Alaska and spends her time rafting, biking, stand up paddle boarding, writing poetry, backpacking, ski instructing and backcountry skiing.  Her poetry and freelance articles have been published in Powder Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Off-Piste and Telemark Magazine.


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