August 6, 2013

5 Organic Kinks to Help You Get Your Freak On.

Kinks to explore for the eco-friendly, frugal, sex positive adventurer.

Interested in BDSM? Want to travel down a new sex path? Getting bored with vanilla sex but don’t quite know what to try? Are you on a budget?

Here are five options to step up your kinky side–organically.

1. Try Figging!
This is the practice of inserting ginger that has been carved into a specific shape—usually a plug—into the anus or the vagina. The practice originated in Ancient Greece as a form of punishment on female slaves. Now it’s used in the BDSM/kink community to create intense sensations from an easily found and easily effective item.

2. Prevail at Erotic Wrestling.
The best part is that no one has to wear those ridiculous singlets! Why? Because erotic wrestling happens while naked. This may be one of the easiest kinks to try. You and a partner strip down to your nothings and then try to pin each other. Everyone wins here. Some alternatives to try while erotic wresting include forced orgasm—you get your partner to orgasm while your partner tries to hold it back, or pin your partner down and give yourself an orgasm while partner is restrained.

3. Go Mudlarking!
Mudlarking is a sub-category of the sploshing fetish, which is a fetish based upon one becoming sexually aroused by different substances being applied to the skin. One can easily have some fetish-filled fun mudlarking—just go out after a nice rain, find a puddle and roll around. Enjoy the texture, the coldness, the overall dirtiness of getting it on in nature (just be careful to keep it outside the body).

4. Throw a Group Sex Party.
The more the merrier as the saying goes. Nothing really steps up the kink factor like adding another person or two (or three or four) to the mix. Obviously make sure everyone is drug and disease-free and come prepared with lots of condoms and lubricants. I recommend vegan-friendly Sir Richards Condoms and Sliquid Organics lubricants (animal glycerin has been known to cause yeast infections in women—that’s why paying a bit more for good lubricant now is worth it).

5. Create a Pervertable!
Kitchen utensils, clothespins, hairbrushes, even fallen branches from trees can actually serve multiple purposes, as in, they can be brought into the bedroom. Experiment with what you already own, particularly if you’re new to any sort of BDSM activity. Check-out how-to’s and guidebooks to make sure you’re kinking out the right way and no one gets hurt the wrong way. It’s always fun to DIY.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

{photos: via  Peter BarkerAna y Esteban ,Margaret KilljoyMarcus HanssonJeremy Fulton}

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