Breathe Deeply.

Via Elana Temple
on Aug 2, 2013
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Breathe Deeply

Keep your head up, they say

Wouldn’t that put a lot of strain on my neck?

Have an open mind, I’m reminded

What if bad ideas and bird droppings fall in there?

Take a chance, I’m encouraged

Could I bear the repercussions?

Dream large, he tells me

What if I never wake up?

Take a hike, she yells

Not likely in the area I’m from…will the subway do?

Go to hell, they threaten

Do they actually take visitors?

Be the bigger person, I’m advised

But then I won’t fit into my jeans

Focus on your school work, they repeat

Am I allowed to take a break to go to the bathroom?

Love your life, everyone says

Will it love me back?

Breathe deeply, the yogi informs me

In this crazy world, I’m simply trying to remember to breathe at all.


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Ed: Sara Crolick


About Elana Temple

Elana Temple is a passionate and perseverant individual with significant interest in international affairs and public relations, eager to enrich her professional skills as a communicator. Elana is an ex-pat living in Belgrade, Serbia, with her college honeypot. Connect with Elana here.


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