August 2, 2013

Finely Organized Noise (FON#1), Curated by Dave.

Hello and welcome, you beautiful embodiment, you.

This is going to be FON! — your regular installment of Finely Organized Noise.

FON will be an ongoing collection of suggestions intended to maximize your potential for aural pleasure. There are no rules.  We are limited only by what I can and can’t find in shareable form on the internets. I may or may not provide artist info and socio-political context. I reserve the right to go abstract, get experimental.

What you do with the music is up to you. It may act as background to your all-important web-browsing, or as vibe support while you sweep, dust and scrub dishes.

At all times, you are invited to dance.

Please note: I will keep an archive of excellent sources of free, fresh beats at the bottom of each article. This list will only grow, and I am open to suggestions.

First, we pray to Ganesh!


Now, let’s explore the subtle ways in which sound organizes life as we know it. Here, observe a simple experiment in cymatics:

Are you able to perceive the profundity of what is happening here? If you’re not sure, check to see whether or not your mind is blown.

Certain harmonic tones cause matter to spontaneously form particular geometric patterns. As the vibration increases, so does the complexity of the geometry. If you go up an octave, you’ll find the same geometry but at higher frequency. These geometries (often named sacred, otherwise known as Platonic) are encoded in the human form, and are pervasive throughout Nature, from the microscopic to the cosmic.

The implications are endless. Here is a scientific principle and proof supporting the new-agey/ancient spiritual concept of “raising your vibration.” Perhaps you will think of this the next time you chant Om, or burst out in anger, and imagine what shape that creates within you.

If sound vibration is the subtle, organizing force which forms the blueprint for physical existence, then music wields the power to facilitate grand transformations. This fact is the primary motivation for this series. The purpose of FON is to share happy, fascinating and ultimately healing soundscapes as far and wide as possible.

How does that resonate with you?

CLICK HERE to hear 60 minutes of Natasha Blank setting the vibe at Wanderlust Colorado with this DJ set in the D’Om.

Yes, CLICK HERE to enjoy the easy, funky, super-grooviness she shares. I can’t embed this one, but please understand — it is very important that you CLICK HERE.

And as her set ends w Bonobo, we’ll continue with a bouncy track off The North Borders. Here is “Cirrus”

Then, Thony Shorby Nyenwi, with the track “No Wrong Show,” originally from his 1978 album Sweet Funk Music, which is also found in the collection Afro Baby – The Evolution of the Afro Sound in Nigeria


“Xique Xique” by Tom Zé

And if that tickles your fancy, sit down with his album entitled Estudando o Samba. In my opinion, it really starts to get interesting at the start of Track 3, around the 7:20 mark.


That’s it for this week, boys and girls. Let me know what moves you, or if you have any urgent suggestions that you neeeed to share, and we’ll be back soon with another batch of FON!


  • WeFunk — innovative funk/hip-hop/soul radio show streaming from Montreal
  • Pretty Lights — popular DJ with thriving, donation-based record label
  • Polish Ambassador — 12 hrs of freely downloadable dance music (also donation-based; please support artists!) 
  • Soundcloud — Duh. Search for anything. Find everything. 

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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