August 19, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 8.19.



Moon passes through Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and into Aries.

Full Moon in Aquarius on 8.20 at 20:44 CDT and will be in Dhanishta nakshatra. Use this time to shine and be seen, but don’t be surprised if it is on an introverted level.

Emotions can run amok so guard your sensitivity and need for sacred space if necessary.

Mars has now moved to Cancer—it’s sign of debilitation—until October 5th. This placement of Mars can create a tendency to “over do it” and often our imbalances with the way we use action comes to light during this time.

Be especially aware of emotions—which are just a response to our actions. Work with appropriate boundaries at this time. Be particularly vigilant with relationships- starting with the relationship to Self.

Awareness of the critic/victim paradigm can be useful. See my recent article for more details.

Mercury moves to Leo 8.20 at 18:14 CDT, while Moon is strong in the 15th tithi. Mercury is weak in degrees and sandhi (in the gap) until later in the day on the 21st. Watch communication, especially with women, relationships in general and creativity.

However, the liminal is an excellent place to acquire creative illumination. Use this time to day dream. Just don’t expect quantified productivity.

Mercury will be transiting Leo with Sun (there in its own sign) and is moving extra quickly right now. Normally it takes about a month for Mercury to make it through each sign, but he will be in Leo for only about 17 days. It’s next stop is exaltation in Virgo just as Venus leaves its debilitation sign, Virgo, for its own sign, Libra. Business should get better at that point.

Creative Engagement Activity for the Week :::

Create three hearts. One for the emotional, physical and mental bodies (extra credit: make one for the spiritual body as well). Use color, texture, multiple mediums to create your hearts. Give each heart a title and then for each heart, finish these statements: I think, I feel, I imagine. Use these statements to create a haiku for each image. Haiku’s are created with three lines—in the form of 5,7,5 syllables each.

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*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Career may be the focus of the week, but don’t neglect home and heart/emotional matters. Relationships in general are creating a bit of pressure and may feel extra demanding, especially those at home and at work. Children and educational matters need your attention as well, but these are shining brightly, so support the tendency. Watch for debts and overspending as well as the temptation for excess sweets, alcohol/drugs and carbs. Get your car tuned up.

Taurus: This week’s focus is on spiritual pursuits. how does this connect to your career, your offering to the world? There is a desire to create, but a lack of motivation and enthusiasm to follow through. Remember small steps, eventually they get you where you want to go. You may feel a swell of heart expansion, but reserve some of this attention for the Self. Boundary work is a top priority right now.

Gemini: This time of expansion is giving you plenty of growth. This week focus on inner transformations and lay a solid foundation for your Self, before throwing your self out into the inevitable spotlight. Outer depends on inner. And though your creativity is at an all-time high, some grounding force is essential for long-term sustainability. Even geniuses need proper TLC and rest.

Cancer: Home, heart, relationship with mother, land and vehicles become a strong focus in the coming weeks. This impacts your relationships in general and how you handle them. Watch for internalized and externalized anger, fears and anxiety. Rely on your inner knowledge and awareness to show you the way and use your energy properly. There’s a lot of heat inside; channel it for maximum propulsion and put your creative energy to good work.

Leo: You are the bright, shiny object everyone keeps looking at. As Mae West said “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.” Expect the attention to continue for a while yet but note that creative storms abound, which may make life feel a little less comfortable then you’d like it to. Watch how you treat others and be mindful of the ego at this time. Pat your Self on the back for a job well done, but know when to leave the ego at the coat check. Learn from others at this time—even if it’s what not to do.

Virgo: If I was your therapist, I would have a little chat about “constructive criticism vs. deconstructive.” I would then give homework to you about “dancing with your critic” and ask you to take it on a date, nourish it and create a more compatible relationship with it. This little friend won’t seem to leave you alone! Might as well get used to it and figure out how she/he/it can be an asset, a strength even, rather than a debilitating force.

Libra: This week has you putting focus on home, heart and emotional matters as well as mother and land/property and vehicles. You may feel the need for a home, some grounding force, or extra support emotionally. Take necessary alone time to move through this. Set goals and desires to paper and give them a structured frame for later activation. Education requires attention as do friendships and lovers. Don’t spread your self too thin. Especially these next two months with debilitated Mars in your 10th house of career—the tendency is to push too hard on the out stroke, when the need is to go within.

Scorpio: It may feel like meditation is impossible, the spiritual zest of norm is getting lost, and that life’s typical magic is feeling numbed down. Remember the simplicity, even the mundane, can be spectacular. Change how you are looking at things- clean your spectacles. Careful with friendships, matters of the heart, father and guru right now. Shine with career and sharing the hidden realms which come naturally for you. Mind your spicy tongue.

Sagittarius: Career matters are getting less and less thrilling and home and heart, the things that nurture and comfort, feel much more attractive. Ask for what you need in relationships—without anger and attack. Be especially careful with friends and older siblings. Use some of your creative energy for increasing your skill set, using your hands, and getting physical. But hibernate in bed or on retreat if necessary.

Capricorn: Suddenly relationships may feel like a chore and yet maintaining them is of central importance. You may feel extreme power and personal charge—expect others to notice. Can you make this a positive? Career is especially active and demanding right now. It’s important to not overdo it, to watch your personal resources, boundaries, and to keep in check your general tendency towards overworking. This is a test. I repeat. This is only a test. Don’t get burned out.

Aquarius: Your attention on the Self and all the extra effort you’ve been clocking in on it is admirable. My question is, what is a balanced approach to the inner/outer realms of existence? Both contain truths and can’t, should not be avoided. With the Sun now in your 7th house of relationships, expect to restore some balance to this paradigm by forcing you to look at the mirror of truths—the “other.” Hmmm. Very chicken and egg of the universe don’t you think?

Pisces: The “other.” Ugh. They take you away from everything- Self time, personal rituals and needs, and seem to create emotional debt! Is it even worth it? This is a time to closely evaluate your relationships, but not necessarily to cash them in! Be really honest with your Self right now. What is working for me? What isn’t? Get brutally clear about what needs to shift in order for you to be more fulfilled within your relationships. Do so alone. Take your time. No action steps required. Yet.

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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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