August 24, 2013

Love Letter to My Baby Girl. ~ Lauren Wessinger

Lover girl, with your eyes so huge and your lips so full, may the freedom and unattachment to your body always be so.

I will never tell you that any of the parts of your body are anything but what they are—perfect. I will never tell you that what you feel in your heart is anything but what it is—true. I will never tell you that your dreams are anything but what they seem—completely in reach and closer than you think.

This world is full of people who will try to sway your gorgeously free mind this way and that. Stay clear headed with your sharp eagle eyes and at the same time true to humanity, just as you are now. Stay loyal to those who love you and curious about those who seem indifferent.

Stay connected to your voice and let your inklings roar, just as you do now. These inklings could be the start of something big. These inklings create an opening for truth to expand out.

Trust your intuition. Know there is no other being like you and that the world needs to hear from you. I need to hear from you.

When your heart breaks, as it surely will, try to find the light. On your hands and knees, sobbing in pain with your heart cracked wide open, seek the light. Seek truth. Each person you meet will be in your life for a reason and not everyone is “the one.”

Learn to heal yourself. Learn to love life alone.

Go to France by yourself. Spain too. And then, only then, meet someone who you love so much it brings you to your knees, but know you could also survive without him. That’s the love that will carry you.

Never doubt that you have the capacity to change the world. It starts small, living with integrity, love, passion and the ability to mess up and forgive. It continues when you decide not to be shamed or uninspired. It never stops as you grow your heart, your soul and your capacity to love, knowing there isn’t an end to anything, ever.

Work so hard that you cry in exhaustion. Then, go out and play so hard you need a week off to recover from all the fun.

Have days as often as you can where you stay in your PJs and never look in the mirror. Live life in all extremes so you find your own meaning of balance once you’re ready. And, please, oh please, find a way to balance what fuels your body so healthy is the norm and any other option isn’t even a thought…but definitely eat chocolate every day.

Live your life for you, baby girl and only for you.

You will be tempted to live your life for others along the way. You will be tempted to give pieces of yourself away. Hold close what is yours and share with those who deserve your magic, whatever your magic is at the time. Then, from this place of connection to your source, you can shine for the world and hold space for everyone around you to do the same.

As your three year old self sits on my lap as I write this, donning your chocolate covered pink leotard and cradling your pacifier in your perfect mouth, I vow to you, to treat my body with as much kindness as I can now so one day I may see you in my seat. This seat I hold with such honor, and such love.

I love you,


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Read 6 comments and reply

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