August 20, 2013

Please Like My Post. ~ Steph Richard {video}

courtesy LMFAO, Wikimedia commons

“I share, therefore I am.”

The correlation between social media usage and loneliness is hard to dispute.

Having the ability to filter our interactions and responses to things via the internet is having an effect on our entire sense of self.

Check out this video by Shimi Cohen, which illustrates just how our naturally driven need for connectedness with one another combined with technology in our pockets has led to more loneliness than we bargained for.



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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Steph Richard

Steph Richard is a lover of people, laughing, art, writing and most of all yoga. When she is not with her friends, who mean the world to her, she spends most of her free time centering herself on the mat, writing or laughing hysterically over a great stand up comedian. She is an RYT 200 fantasizes of a world where people greet each other with downward facing dogs instead of handshakes.