August 2, 2013

Say I Love You Often. ~ Shelley Adelle

Say I love you often.

Say it with your smile, as you greet people, both known and newly acquainted. There is a moment upon which your gaze fixes upon another and the most rewarding gift you can bestow on that soul is the invitation to be unguarded and safe; a smile conveys this.

Say it with your hands as you use loving touch to hug, poke, pet, massage, hold and caress. Walking hand in hand, tickling the ends of arm hair and bases of necks, folded together in prayer and pitching in with chores.

Say it with your words: affirmative, honest and compassionate. Spontaneous and heartfelt words have such great power when rooted in resonate emotion, the kind of knowing that comes from being comfortable in your own skin.

Say it in your actions. Move with trust and faith and allow that hope to flood through you as you interact with the world around you. Laugh with Anybody. Cry at will, both soothing and joyful, and encourage others by holding supportive space. Make room. Dance.

Say it with your body; a consensual sensual, playful, animalistic, dorky, real, tangible, inviting, cooperating and wrestling childlike sensory extravaganza.

Say it in your thoughts of yourself and others. Imagination is a wonderful playground and the sets and costumes are always splendid—if you want them to be.

Say it with your choices in energy. How you procure it, how you generate and share it.

Energy is life.

Life is love.

Now, go get Love Drunk.


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Asst. Ed.: Kathleen O’Hagan/Ed: Sara Crolick

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