August 29, 2013

The Power of the Magic Wand: Let’s Reignite It. ~ Tawny Sanabria

The Magic Wand is magical—it made things happen, right?

Remember that? In our play as kids, we could—”poof”—get lost in our imaginations, creating whatever we wanted at the time. In the moment with passion, play, and artistry.

And, when it was waved, the magic happened. We didn’t question it or doubt it. Or say to ourselves, “what if,” or “that can’t happen” and “yes, but.” We didn’t even consider who in our lives might not like it—we just fully felt it and proceeded on as it was meant to be. Belief and faith was all we needed.

Unfortunately, we grew up. And the magic wand vanished from our lives. Maybe, it was packed away. Maybe, it was given to goodwill, tossed in the garbage, or handed off to someone younger than ourselves. We forgot about it. Forgot how to be imagine and create without some kind of parameter or theoretical framework for us to “keep it real.”

I sure wish I would’ve kept mine, and I think about it often.

As a counselor, I often ask people about their past experiences with the magic wand. I can usually tell, immediately, that only vague memories exist, and there is a disconnection from this influential tool. I ask them to pretend that they have it now with them, and if they could make any changes to their lives in an instant, what might those changes be.

You see, this process is difficult in adulthood, because we are so accustomed to thinking, first, about only what is possible and then, letting that possibility influence and direct our thoughts, which ultimately undermines the imagination and brainstorming process. It halts us.

You see, the exceptional offering of that magic wand opens the door to the imagination. To the belief that “anything is possible.”

Magic happens, as allow ourselves to connect with the seemingly impossible—without the putting the brakes on the process.

New ideas, creations, beliefs, thoughts come into play in ways we had not considered previously. This is the very beginnings of change. This is the beginning of us being in charge of our own change. It’s powerful.

As the doors open, we begin an exploration without limits—an exploration where we are free to develop of a vision of our lives with true freedom, just as a child would.

This is the beginning of our own reality. It always has been. A single thought can kick start fresh creativity, which makes this exploration process so important.

Release yourself from the immediate thoughts of, “There is no money for that,” or, “I don’t have time for that,” or, “I’m not smart enough for that.”

These thoughts put the brakes on the brainstorming, and over time we begin to loose the ability to imagine. We are then at risk of losing our connection to our passions, which leaves us feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

Thinking like an adult in the initial steps of the brainstorming process can sabotage the process altogether.

Begin the brainstorming process as a child would.

Get out that magic wand, begin with your passion, say it out loud, and believe in that wand to help you create whatever you desire.

Get out of your own way and let that magic wand do what it does best.

Change is inevitable—empower yourself get in front of it a bit more, manifesting your desires.

Let the ideas and your passions fill you. Feel your belief and confidence.

Get rid of the doubt. It no longer serves you.

It is possible, I promise.

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