August 4, 2013

The Truth About Living Your Passion. ~ Rebecca Beaton

I cried last night; I bawled my eyes out.

I’m following my passions, but damn it can be hard sometimes. That’s the simple (and challenging) truth about following your passions.

Today, I wanted to share some other simple truths I have learned about following my passions as well; the good, the bad and the ugly.

By ignoring the truth about following what we’re passionate about, we may end up striving for some grand and magical idea of what following our passions looks like—an idea that doesn’t really exist.

I have followed my passions, whether consciously or not, for many years now. I have shed many tears. I have felt lost and without direction; I have been on miraculous highs and unbearable lows; I have felt confused, hopeless, fulfilled, empowered, confident, weak, strong and hopeful. I have felt incredibly alive and vibrant—and I have tried to escape through binge drinking and hours in front of the television.

Here are some of the truth’s I’ve learned about following my passions (so far!):

1. Life Won’t Be Perfect.

There will still be highs and lows. In fact, these are often even more intense than a life devoid of passion.

You will likely feel more, because the things in your life will have more meaning to you.

That doesn’t mean that all we feel will be good—there will be plenty of bad and ugly in there too; we just need to embrace all of these emotions and know that they have a purpose.

2. Passions Change.

I’ve been cleaning out my room, getting ready for my upcoming “Irresponsible Journey.” Yesterday, I recycled six different sets of business cards from all the different jobs I have had or created for myself over the last three years. I have gone from Environmental Educator, to Sustainability Consultant, to Life Design Coach, all while following my passions.

The key is to be unattached and know that your passions will change. Follow to wherever it is that your excitement leads you.

My own life coach, the lovely Allison Braun, just switched from years as a Sex & Relationship Coach (AKA,  ‘The Bedroom Joyologist”), to a Business Coach (AKA,”The Business Joyologist”). I can imagine this is difficult to do once you have established a successful business, and I must say, her commitment to her passion is truly admirable.

It can be hard work—this one is worth repeating.

This is the first summer I don’t really have a tan—I’ve been inside working.

I am more than happy to be doing this, and I am lit up and driven to design my career as a Life Design Coach, but I am working hard. Every day.

And yes, sometimes I cry.

3. Take action.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) our passions don’t typically fall right into our laps. We have to get out there and take action, often with a little uncertainty, in order to discover them.

I didn’t discover my passion for the environment until six years ago, when I attended a week-long action camp for youth run by an environmental organization (and I was scared like crazy before I went, thinking I had no right being there without any history of environmental work!).

The same goes for when I discovered my passion for life coaching; I didn’t read a book about life coaching and then decide I was passionate about it. I signed up for a three-day life coach training course, and then realized I was extremely passionate about it.

Passion follows action—and you may have more than one passion.

Our passions are connected to our Purpose, and our Purpose can be expressed in a multitude of ways.

Your purpose, I’ll tell you now, is simply to express who you truly are. How we define that and what that looks like, will be different for everyone; however, the way we each express our purpose will be through our passions and the ways in which that can be done are endless!

Be open to where your passions may lie, because they could show up where you least expect it!

It can be super scary!!

There is a certain amount of uncertainty that can come with following what you love and so it often requires a lot of faith.

A recent breakthrough session I had with a client revealed a strong amount of passion, but this client had too much fear to fully commit to living out his passions. I can totally understand where he is coming from—living out your passions, especially when they are dramatically different from the life you are currently living, is extremely scary, hands down.

I am follow my passion and sometimes I cry—sometimes I want to escape and sometimes I feel alone, fearful, discouraged and confused.

Yet, I persist.

I feel my life has a purpose and I am expressing myself in a way that needs to be expressed.

Sometimes, I laugh deep from my belly—I feel full to the brim with love; sometimes, I cry out of joy and gratitude and others I feel lit up, shining, connected, hopeful, confident, powerful and incredibly blessed.

I still just have a lot to learn, I guess.

To a passionate life

What have you learned on your own journey of following your passions? Where are you at right now in terms of following your passions? I’d love to hear about your own experiences in the comments section below!


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