August 20, 2013

What If It’s You? ~ Ben Neal

Have you ever wondered why we’re here? Why the universe exists at all?

Why is the sunrise so unspeakably beautiful? Why do the birds sing such sweet, lilting jazz? Why all the mountains and deserts and seas, such an endless array of beasts and flowers and trees? Why this sensual symphony of forms and colors and aromas, all dancing to the rhythm and pulse of life?

Dr. Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and world-renowned genius, ponders this question in his famous treatise, A Brief History of Time. He writes:

“Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?”

What if it’s you?

What if it’s you that breathes life into existence? What if you are the hidden cause? What if the spark that set off the Big Bang is that little gleam of light that shines in your eyes? What if the whole great orchestra performs just for you—for your pleasure, your applause, your appreciation?

What if the beauty and the majesty you see laid out before you is but your own reflection?

Have you ever sat and watched the crowds of people passing through the streets? Rushing off to jobs that they most likely hate, in order to earn just enough to get by—to pay for food that they hurriedly eat, for gas that gets them to and from; to mail the checks that keep the light bulbs burning.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Why are we hurrying here and there? What’s the point? What’s it all for?

What if it’s you?

What if the tilling, the toil and the harvest is for you? And the packing, the wrapping and the shipping too. The hands that labor, prepare and serve; the investors and accountants all keeping score; the trucks and tractors, cranes and planes, all pushing and pulling and turning for you.

What if it’s you that decides what for? What if it’s up to you to give meaning to the struggle? What if the galaxy was created for you? What if all the bounty of the Earth is for you? What if what you make of your life is the crowning glory of civilization?

What if you are the purpose of Creation?

Have you ever read the day’s headlines, and wondered what the world is coming to? Shootings and bombings and earthquakes and storms; women and children raped, killed and worse. Another bad day on Wall Street, another house foreclosed; another family turned out in the streets while the big money banks get government bailouts.

Have you ever wondered what the fuck is wrong with people? Can’t we do better than this? What will it take to turn this shit around?

What if it’s you?

What if the world was waiting on you to stop making excuses and start making a difference?

What if the raw, bleeding wounds of the world—the war torn nations, starvation and ruin, the suffering masses—were just a picture of your own scarred psyche?

What if peace in the Middle East depends upon you finding peace in yourself? What if freedom and democracy are just empty words on an old piece of parchment, until you can free your mind from the prison of ignorance and fear?

What if the world needs you to forgive? 

What if the guns all cocked and loaded—the police, the gangs, the rebels, the terrorists and all the armies of the world—are waiting for you to take the first step? To lay down your anger, lay down your sword and shield, and open up your heart again.

What if the sun, the moon and the stars are all watching the drama of Man unfold? What if the next act hasn’t been written, the leading role not yet cast? What if heaven is holding it’s breath in anticipation, hoping and praying a hero emerges?

What if the future of life on Earth was hanging in the balance? What if one person was all it took to tip the scales?

What if it’s you?


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