September 23, 2013

4 Ingredients for an Optimistic Perspective.

Confusion. Complication. Negativity; the thorns of daily life.

We find ourselves hung up on how life is supposed to be and we hyper-focus on looking for the right way to do, to think, to be and to feel.

We find ourselves consumed by it; letting it permeate our moments, hours and days, second guessing, doubting and feeling unworthy. The negativity adding up by the second, leaving us feeling anxious, frustrated and, often times, apathetic.

Often, we don’t even question these feeling. We believe it to be just a part of life—hoping that this soon will pass. Until it becomes unbearable.

Life’s difficulties can have us viewing our surroundings and experiences in a glass half-empty mentality—forgetting to realize that life is not meant to bring us so much discomfort.

A simple perspective is to recognize that our lives are made up of patterns. Patterns in our thoughts, feelings and actions. If you look close enough, you can observe your own patterns regarding stress, sleep and energy, for example. Sometimes, we call these habits, and certainly, habits are a part of our patterns; however, it’s not just about changing habits that no longer serve us.

The patterns are the bigger picture with which the habits are a part of. We all have themes in our lives that seem to play out over and over again—just with new people, places and experiences. Observing, identifying and understanding these themes can help us to create change where we want it.

Let’s make this simple.

Think about stress for a moment. Some of us feed off of it, inadvertently creating more. Some of us need space and to be alone when overwhelmed. Others tend to get highly frustrated as stress hits—showing anger and frustration in an instant.

If we tend to feel negatively when our experiences do not match up with what we want, it really doesn’t matter who is around us, where we live or what our job is—negativity will persist in times of stress.

On the other hand, if we tend to find the silver lining in stress—again, it won’t matter who is around us or what we are doing—we will create a more positive perspective.

What creates stress for our partners and family members may not create stress for us; however, the way we deal with our own stress, will tend to stay constant until we recognize that our reaction no longer serves us.

We can, however, begin to take a stand against the negativity and with the practice of love, trust, belief, and action—positivity and an optimistic perspective can lead the way.

We all know that positivity is much better for us than negativity. The physical and mental health benefits of having a positive attitude—such as longevity, lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, higher achievement and skill development—significantly outweigh that of a negative perspective.

Just like eating clean food, exercise, meditation, yoga—an optimistic perspective is good for you. And in a time of increasing disease and chronic illness, it’s up to all of us to take our health in our own hands.

The good news is—it really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Just remember: energetic vibrations seek like energetic vibrations. Meaning, if we want more of something, we’ve got to generate it within our own energy system, and better yet, put ourselves in situations where that energy is being shared by others.


Trust ourselves first. Know that we are worthy and valuable. Tap into our own intuition. Use it—that’s why it’s there. Trust dreams and hopes. Trust the people who care about us. Trust people that we don’t yet know. Trust that life will bring us what we need. It might not be right away, but it will be—as long as trust is maintained and kept alive.


Connect with a belief system—whatever resonates. Know that there is no right belief system except that which allows us to feel connected to ourselves and others around us. We should proud of what we believe—let it carry us through life’s difficulties.


Love no matter what. Kindness really is magic. Take care of our neighbors, coworkers and strangers. Offer the benefit of the doubt. Forgive. Value relationships above what kind of car, house or yard we have. Give time with love. Express our true selves. Smile. Hug.


We must challenge ourselves. Be adventurous. Refuse to settle. Grow. Learn. Lend a hand. We need to be disciplined in what matters to us. Share our talents and gifts. Volunteer. Encourage others to do the same. Take steps in line with our own belief systems. Walk with integrity and stay true to ourselves.

Trust, belief, love and action are foundational components to creating optimistic patterns in our lives, which decreases confusion, frustration, and complications of life.

A daily dose is all that’s needed.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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