Darius Reminds Us that “It Won’t be Like this for Long.” ~ Tawny Sanabria

Via Tawny Sanabria
on Sep 18, 2013
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A flood of emotions and memories filled up my car this morning.

As I was driving home after dropping my almost 16-year-old off at school this morning, a song came on the radio.

In an instant, I was filled with flashes of memories of the past 18 years, transported from year to year in a flash—from the birth at the hospital, to the first day of the school, to Halloween and Christmas, school shopping, playing on the monkey bars at the park, all the inquisitive questions, and the messes that were made through the years.

My son turned 18 last week, and what a time it has been. I’ve tried to appreciate the stages and phases of my kids as they traveled through their childhood, pre-teen and teenage years. Often feeling overwhelmed, often feeling lucky and grateful, and often feeling the guilt of “could I have done better?”

Thank you, Darius Rucker, for the much needed reminder that “It Won’t be Like this for Long,” and the great memories that filled my drive this morning.


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Tawny Sanabria enjoys finding and generating connection and hopefulness with others, sharing her knowledge and experience of health and wellness and helping families increase their love and acceptance of one another. As a Marriage and Family therapist and yoga teacher, Tawny utilizes mind and body integration with clients on their journey to finding peace, hope, and growth. As a CrossFit L1 trainer, Tawny, also enjoys working with athletes to help increase flexibility in mind, body, and emotions, moving them toward further balance in their lives. She currently resides in Washington state with her husband and two teenagers.  You can contact her via her website or on Facebook.


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