September 6, 2013

Energy: Outside the (Human) Body. ~ Jaclyn Bauer

The argument on energy continues.

I’ve already discussed the power of intention and the movement of energy that occurs when an intention is set and thereby automatically suffused into the world. What I didn’t discuss in depth was the energy that exists outside of the physical manifestation that is the human body.

If energy is manifested in a physical (human) being  who can then act with intent and purpose, why is it unreasonable to suggest the universe itself functions by similar, if not the same, rules of energetic transference manifested not in physicality, but in its raw form?

Can we think of the world as dead and unthinking matter if we ourselves are matter and are neither dead nor thoughtless?

The body, to me, is less tangible than the mind and the energy which comprises our spirit.

It is radical to suppose that we are nothing but body and it is equally ludicrous to imagine the universe as an object and not an organism. Energy is energy no matter its form and to think that energy harbored in the human form trumps the energy which comprises any other form is entirely ignorant.

Linking this all back to the power of intention, it can be seen that the energy within one’s own body can be pushed forth and merged with the energies outside of the body. Likewise and similarly, the energy of the universe can move at will and connect, coalesce and induce great movement in the world with a similar sense of intent.

If we as human beings can harbor intent as energetic beings, why would it be unfounded to say the universe could do the same?

Both humans and the universe are essentially matter; thus we have the same powers and abilities of perception.

Is it our eyes alone through which we perceive the world or is it our senses, both physical and non-physical? Sure, the universe does not have physical senses in the same way that we do as human beings, but that only further justifies it’s often seemingly blind actions.

We wonder how we fell for the person who is not at all our type. We’re baffled as to how we got so immersed in a practice that we could never have seen ourselves doing ten years ago.

The universe acts with intent as an energetic and cognizant mass of energy, but it uses a mode of sense that many humans are blind to: the internal governing sense of intuitive knowledge.

When we are able to tap into that sense and harness our own energy to be channeled through that pathway, then we will more aptly be able to direct our own energy toward intended action and ultimate happiness in the outcome of all action.

Acceptance of our current state and the cultivation of unconditional happiness is half the battle of understanding this discussion on fate and coincidence. What often seems like fate or coincidence might just be the universe acting with intent—offering you a chance to learn and grow as a human being.

Though events might not always be happy and though many often involve suffering, there is always a lesson to be learned, a value to be cultivated and a movement of energy that has happened with purpose. Whether that purpose is as mundane as teaching you strength, courage or the power of your own limits, no action is without a purpose of some kind no matter how minute that teaching, or your perception of that teaching, is.

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