Images of Battered Hindu Goddesses Used to Highlight Abuse of Women in India.

Via Kimberly Lo
on Sep 8, 2013
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A new ad campaign designed to create awareness of domestic abuse in India uses images of classic Hindu goddesses complete with cuts, bruises and black eyes.

The battered goddess images are shocking and powerful and come on the heels of the Delhi rape case in which a 23 year old student was allegedly brutally gang raped by six men.

The woman later died at a Singapore hospital from her injuries.

She was one of the 244,270 victims of crimes against women reported in 2012.

It’s estimated that 68% of all Indian women are victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives.

Click on this link for more images.

Also, check out a short film they made a few years ago about the plight of Indian women who are survivors of sex trafficking.


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5 Responses to “Images of Battered Hindu Goddesses Used to Highlight Abuse of Women in India.”

  1. Muks says:

    I can't believe these numbers. Every time I hear a new shocking stories and figures about India and think about the gorgeous Indian people I know personally, especially the women. My prayers go out to these ladies and I hope they won't end up with such priks.

    I really wonder what is going on in that society. I mean, treating women with such disrespect does not make men happy! It is so sad and so important to inform people. Thanks

  2. Linda V. Lewis says:

    I do not believe in the death penalty, but last March India, trying to get a grip on this epidemic of rape and violence against women, made tougher laws, and yesterday, Thursday, September 12th, 2013, the 4 men accused of gang raping the woman on the bus for 1 hr and using a metal bar…best left unsaid…these men have been given the death penalty. What really needs to happen is education and the elimination of the culture of poverty which spawns ignorance and violence.

  3. Indian says:

    Right. Crimes on Women do not get justice in India. But the numbers reported in this article are just bullshit – 68%???? The population of India is 1.4 billions (govt. figure – god knows the reality) So, if you see the % of crimes, it is much lesser than many countries where the population is very low.

  4. lekshmi says:

    This about domestic abuse, and being an ndian I very well believe the figure.. and am really disturbed about it infact… Its not just the case of rapes and molestation.. what goes on in the marital homes, own homes to the indian women…physical abuse apart there s also emotional, psychological abuse… why is the lowest % divorce and highest % of suicide.. Highest % of depression.. and mind it India has no mental health facilities… this is inspite of the stigma nad public ostracisation that the cases are reported… What we have is a culture of hypocricy and male domination, where its still very normal to have honour killings and dowry deaths!There is no Free India.. its a myth…in 1947 its only men who became free and safe.. but Indian women are still prisoners of its own wretched culture….jaoi ho…

  5. Guest says:

    I feel we are approaching this with only one sided comments. No mercy for such sadistic behavior they deserved death and nothing less. However, women are equally involved in propagating this abuse. Most of the dowry and greed killing and abuses are initiated by women at home I have witnessed it myself in many houses though guy liked the girl but mother rejected as she was not from a wealthy family. Women are the mothers to bring the child in this world so first stop killing your girl embryos and secondly do not abuse and neglect the child and devote more time so the child does not become a monster. Give your son and daughter freedom so she can get married on time and not be sexually deprived and frustrated. Don't have social taboo for divorced or widowed women and accept them as they are at present then what is in their past. Sleeping with a man without getting married to him is no big deal for a women in west but in India most of the women will declare that person as girl with no character and they will openly reject ,in Pakistan they may even kill. Please do not get me wrong I am not justifying the act rape here in anyway it is a crime no matter what, but we need to eliminate the root cause of the problem instead of just discuss it and then forget about it. And the root case is poverty, poor education, corruption and most importantly bad upbringing, where all women can play a great role.