It’s All a Blessing.

Via Rachel Brathen
on Sep 28, 2013
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Rachel Brathen

Know that whatever you are going through right now is a blessing.

Even the tough stuff.

You are blessed with challenges to help you grow, to evolve, to make you realize the importance of the people in your life.

So whatever is bothering you, do your best to let it go.

Right now. Let. It. Go.

Only in moments of pure nothingness can we see the beauty that is present, every moment of every day.

Be here. Now. And when in doubt, tilt your head back and gaze at the sky.

It’s a wonderful world we live in.

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Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Rachel Brathen

Rachel is a yogi on a world tour. Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in the beautiful island of Aruba where she is busy teaching yoga at a resort in the mornings, coordinating retreats at noon, taking her three somewhat crazy dogs to the beach to keep up with the surf in the afternoon and trying to survive as a vegan (where no vegetables grow!) in the evenings. She firmly believes that life is not black or white – it’s black and white and blue and yellow with rays of pink and sparkle in between. You can teach yoga and still be a party animal. Meditate and ignore your spending problems. Be vegan and eat too much chocolate. Have a Swedish passport and live in the Caribbean. You can do anything, as long as it’s you! You can find Rachel on the beach, probably practicing her Astavakrasana, or on


3 Responses to “It’s All a Blessing.”

  1. jenny says:

    Sometimes it's not so easy to just let. it. go. The positivity of Rachel Brathen and others all over the internet is a trend at the moment. Real people feel, they suffer, they grieve. These posts take 2 minutes to write and the "frilly, happy sunshine, rainbows" are not always real life. Would be nice though…

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Have you read this?

    What you are saying is fair, I agree, but please read her words above. ~ ed.

  3. BRODY DELGADO says:

    I love this. Simple. Short. To the point.