Nature’s Wisdom. ~ Salvatore Vionito {Poem}

Via Salvatore Vionito
on Sep 14, 2013
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Nature’s Wisdom.

Arms out stretched trying

To wrap a hug around the sky.

Leaves bursting out of their veins

Getting high off of the sun,

Drenched and punch drunk

On each drop of rain that falls,

Whispering hello to the passing wind

And yet keeps still enough

To grab hold of its source,

Digging roots deep down

As the heavens are way up high.

Some search in books,

Carved from the heart’s pulp

Of our greatest teachers,

For the secret answers

That complete our lives.

But there are no secrets except

For the ones we keep from ourselves.

Nature is God’s reminder

That nothing is made incomplete,

That in total gratitude for what is,

We begin to see the abundance

That surrounds us.


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Assist. Ed: Amy Cushing/Ed: Sara Crolick


About Salvatore Vionito

Salvatore Vionito: If I am me and you also refer to yourself as me is it possible that we are both really the same me just having two totally different experiences? So what if we were all tiny atoms in the body of the universe. Just as I am not a hand or a foot but I have a hand and a foot yet both body parts experience two different expressions of living. When we get cut doesn’t energy from all other parts of our body rush to its aid? When catastrophe happens doesn’t the world rise up to help those in need? We are all one. No, really….we are…one. My name is Salvatore Vionito, and I don’t really know what to say about myself other than that I love to write spiritual poetry. If you like what you see in my submissions to elephant journal, then please visit my blog as well.


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