September 6, 2013

Not Ready for Your Inner Freak to Come Out at Work?

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Feng Shui ergonomics: maximizing your energy at work!

There’s something to be said about workplace drama or going postal in the office place. The other day, a friend told me a story about some drama she had experienced.

After detailing how her co-worker proceeded to go ballistic: throwing papers, stealing files, screaming, slamming office doors and acting like a complete freak because she had gotten a promotion, I decided this blog was in order.

Here are some tips to avoid soap operas in the workplace and minimize the impact of the office nut:

The desk should be in exact proportion to your position in the company—if you are an executive, your desk should be suited for your high position.

Have a good shape to the desk. Kidney-shaped desks are excellent and will bring good money luck. Square, rectangular, or u-shaped desks are also good choices.

Work with good quality lighting—much research has been done on the effects of fluorescent lighting and how it affects the energy field.

Organize your office and have it as clutter-free as possible, particularly by the door and pathways—this will help with money luck, mental clarity and improve work efficiency.

Placing a water feature, such as a fish tank at your back indicates danger in the workplace or unpredictable events.

Placing your back to a large window or set of windows indicates lack of support from your employees, a possible uprising from subordinates, or a power struggle. If there are tall, pointed buildings outside of the window, this will accelerate negative outcomes.

Having your back to a large mirror indicates confusion and a lack of concentration.

Having your back to a busy hallway indicates your energy will be scattered because you will continually be on guard.

Having your back to an “internal T-juncture” via a hallway indicates a direct type of attack on you if your back is to two hallways forming a “T.”

Do not sit too close to a door—this will weaken your position in the workplace and make you vulnerable.

Avoid opposing desk positions and opposing doors—this is considered confrontational in Feng Shui.

The whole point of Feng Shui is to empower you and to leave you in a position of authority and autonomy.

Utilize these tips to ensure that your energy is always being supported so that you can achieve your workplace goals, minimize office spectacles, minimize gossip and receive recognition and promotions.

Anytime people behave chaotically or erratically at work, the feng is not up to par and it’s best to make changes to ensure that you’re out of the line of fire!

If you’ve ever wondered why, at some companies, you worked with more crazy people than others, I encourage you to look at the feng shui. Many of your answers will be held in this most unassuming piece of knowledge, and that can benefit you for years to come.

As always, I bid you adieu with some good luck and some good feng!


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Ed: Catherine Monkman

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