Peace Bombs. ~ Kai Coggin {Poem}

Via Kai Coggin
on Sep 23, 2013
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If there were peace bombs
would we drop them?
Would we board our fighter planes
and release peace into the atmosphere, the at-most-fear?
The heightened level of anxiety that so many
children have to go to sleep to swimming in?
They don’t count sheep,
they count seconds between explosions,
they count lost family members,
they count unnoticed teardrops
and crumbled buildings that used to be schools.
They don’t count sheep,
they don’t sleep.
They live waking nightmares that
are disguised as revolution and dressed as progress.

If there were peace bombs,
would we stockpile them,
hold them back from the world
and wait for the perfect
and most capitalistically opportune time
to drop them on the Arab Spring
and the Egyptian Evolution
and the Syrian Seizure of Power,
and the American war-zones here at home,
where we brandish weapons against each other
and defeat our own people with different skin color,
or would we wait and just let them devour each other?
Would we forget our transgressions,
dispel our aggressions and see that
healing should be our only obsession?
Would we intercede with our peace bombs
and fulfill the need to breathe
a collective sigh of relief
that there won’t be the start of World War Three,
because we have peace bombs,
and we will drop them for free?

If there were peace bombs,
I would be all for dropping them,
I would form coalitions
so there would be no hope of stopping them,
the peace bombs
would rebuild cities,
and bring back the dead,
the peace bombs would take back all
the unnecessary bloodshed,
If there were peace bombs,
there would be no more war,
there would finally be oneness
and a New World to explore.

If there is a peace bomb,
drop one on me,
because it’s breaking my heart
that war is all I see.


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Assistant Ed: Dejah Beauchamp/Ed: Sara Crolick


About Kai Coggin

Kai Coggin is full-time poet and freelance writer born in Bangkok, Thailand, raised in Southwest Houston and currently a blip in the 3 million acre Oachita National Forest in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is a former 9th and 10th grade English teacher, who took her students outside for poetry and drum circles on the lawn and built a life-size balcony and meter-stick-aluminum-foil-wrapped swords in her classroom to teach Romeo and Juliet. Other teachers wondered… but the students learned… and loved her. Kai believes that learning is a personal journey for everyone; it cannot be constricted and confined by the classifications and labels of standardized testing.  She strives to change the paradigm of education as a whole.  In Houston, despite (or because of) her radical methods, she was recognized as Teacher of the Year, District Teacher of the Year and competed for Regional Teacher of the Year against 5 out of 85,000 teachers. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Poetry and Creative Writing from Texas A&M University and a degree from the school of Hard Knocks. Kai knows that words hold the potential to create monumental and global change, and she uses her words like a sword of Beauty. She can be found every Wednesday at a local dive reading her poems at an Open Mic. You can find her work at or reach out to her on Facebook. Her first book of poetry will be out in 2014.


9 Responses to “Peace Bombs. ~ Kai Coggin {Poem}”

  1. Joann Saraydarian says:

    Beautiful Poem! So deep and Thought-full.

  2. Nachiketa bandyopad. says:

    Kai,is cadet of peace.Travels WWI.II to kenyan death fest.Terrorism,insurgency,killing human or wildlife. all are causal of her tears.Now she bomber . bomb full of love.mankind ,yet to burn by her floral bomb of peace.

  3. Gabriel naranjo says:

    This was awesome!

  4. Emily Stedorro says:

    So incredibly moving. Just to think, after all of these years mankind has spent creating and perfecting weapons for murder and mass destruction- they could have just as easily perfected the tools which would bring about peace for all of humanity to bask in. Continue the good fight, love….

  5. paul b says:

    Wow, that is an excellent and very moving poem. I feel the same way. Lets send good thoughts as peace bombs. Thank you Kai.

  6. Chris Renn says:

    Just amazing.. I am a poet.. but you are brilliant!

  7. TLC says:


  8. Beatriz says:

    I hope we can put a big squdron together for many many Peace Bombs
    Loved it

  9. karen d says:

    A lovely and moving poem! Sending thoughts of peace so that we turn our attention to the discovery of our beautiful world.