Prayer Winds: The Power of Drala. ~ Katalin Koda

Something living, something real is taking place in everything.

~ Chogyam Trungpa

The sun rises and the flags undulate in the wind, offering prayers to the sky.

When I watch the sun’s first rays illuminate these prayers, I am inspired to sit quietly and feel the movement of the wind, to listen to it rustle and blow through the trees; to watch the golden rays of light dance through the flag like a brilliant prayer.

Riding on the sacred breath of wind, cultivating drala or windhorse, these prayers are intended to benefit all beings.

Drala is a Tibetan word that literally means above or beyond the enemy.  Drala is

wisdom beyond aggression…the self-existing wisdom and power of the cosmic mirror that are reflected both in us and in our world of perception.

~ Chogyam Trungpa, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

According to the principle of drala, our own power and wisdom as human beings is not separate from the world around us; in fact it is very much connected and a direct reflection of of our own vision.

We can tap into this seemingly magical quality of drala by simply being present.

The more present we are, the more awareness is cultivated.

In the morning, as I sat in a place of presence, I saw how magical the world is: the sun’s gentle rays spreading across my face; the movement of the flag; the sound of a dove cooing on the line. Each of these qualities are simply the world as it is and yet utterly beautiful in their simplicity, in their presence of being.


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Assistant Ed.: Michelle Margaret/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Katalin Oct 14, 2013 3:03pm

Thanks for your feedback, Anne-Marie! Sounds beautiful, offering oneself as a prayer.

Anne-Marie Oct 1, 2013 8:30am

Thank you Katalin
I love to offer myself as a prayer in the wind, whenever I get that tiny moment of concious awareness of this great element, that drala moment.
Thank you for this opportunity to get it back in my day 🙂 xx

Piers Oct 1, 2013 2:53am

Lovely piece Katalin, good to see you writing on here!

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Katalin Koda

Katalin Koda is an intrepid explorer of life, love, and the sacred mystery that lies between this world and all others. When not writing you can find her on top of Kilauea, living volcano, muttering mantras with her mala in hopes for clarity and compassion for all, dancing ecstatically with a group of like minded women or pounding on her drum and talking with spirits. Find her at KatalinKoda.com and FireoftheGoddess.com.