October 23, 2013

10 Good Things That Happen During Mercury Retrograde.

In my article, “Top 10 Things Not to Do During Mercury Retrograde,” we discussed the events and activities that you should avoid doing over the next three weeks from October 21 to November 10, 2013.

In the event you were a bit discouraged and wondering whether anything positive occurs during this time, I have some great news!

Here are some amazingly good things that could happen to you during Mercury retrograde.

1. Finding Lost Items.

This is a great time to search for personal items you lost a long time ago. Things you lost months or even years ago, will finally turn up. This is when you pull up the cushion on your old couch and discover a treasure trove of lost earrings or the phone number of someone you really wanted to ask out on a date.

I’ve had clients find objects such as a set of keys they misplaced or a valuable ring they were sure was stolen.

2. Hearing From People in Your Past. 

You’ll hear from an old friend or contact that you wrote months ago and never heard back from. Don’t be surprised if you’re contacted by your “old flame,” wanting to say hello and see how you are. I had an ex-fiancé I hadn’t heard from in years call me in the middle of Mercury retrograde to see if I was still single and available.

3.  Hearing From Old Clients or Employers.

If you’re in sales, expect to get a call from a client who refused to do business with you. But now, he’s very interested.

If you’ve been looking for a job and have been waiting for a response from a particular employer, you may hear back from them during these three weeks.

4.  Finishing Old Projects.

This is a great time to finish any projects that you started before Mercury went retrograde. You won’t experience the problems that come with starting new projects now. Instead, you’ll enjoy completing it, whether it’s a home re-modeling project or finishing planting your garden.

5.  Polishing Up a Great Idea.

Fabulous time to re-consider and re-evaluate old plans and projects that need more “polishing.” The flaws and mistakes you discover now give you the opportunity to make needed changes so that a “good” idea can be a “great” idea when you’re done.

6.  Running Stress-Free Meetings.

Decision-making meetings produce extra stress during the retrograde period. Even worse—they usually lead to ill-considered decisions that aren’t successful. So, it’s a great idea to make use of the positive purpose of the retrograde, which is to re-evaluate and re-consider ideas and plans. If you tell meeting attendees this is the purpose of the meeting, you’ll have better results and lower everyone’s stress level.

7.  Discovering Problems You Can Finally Fix.

Have you ever heard a “water drip,” but couldn’t find where it was coming from?  Well, you will during Mercury retrograde. It’s a great time to solve a mystery, and to discover a solution to a problem you’ve had. If your auto or computer has a problem, it will show up during the retrograde which gives you the opportunity to fix it, once and for all (even if you make the actual repair when Mercury is direct).

8.  Learning the Truth.

Remember: while Mercury is retrograde—there is something you do not know. However, it’s great news to know that it’s only temporary, because when Mercury goes direct on November 10 you’ll find out the truth. You may find out that “too good to be true” real estate deal was: “too good to be true.” Or, that suit you thought was too expensive for your budget just went on a 50% clearance sale; or that romance you were excited about wasn’t what you thought it was. (Beware: cheating spouses.)

9.  Corruption is Exposed.

The “bad guys” finally get caught. All criminals make mistakes during their life of crime. Those mistakes are often revealed during the retrograde. You’ll be delighted to read in the newspaper about corrupt officials or crooks who are exposed at this time.

10. You’ll Laugh More.

Listen to the news. You’ll read about crazy mistakes that will make you smile and chuckle. Last year (during Mercury retrograde), it was reported: “Police guarding Wembley Stadium, where Olympic football matches are being played, revealed that they have lost a set of keys to the venue. Officers searching the stadium in London, ahead of the start of the Olympic Games, misplaced the keys prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard.” (Sounds like the Keystone cops.)


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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