October 24, 2013

7 Things People Do to Sabotage their Success. ~ Brad Morris

I had some fun thinking of things we do that sabotage our success of creating the visions we have for ourselves and our optimum life.

Some call this the art of creating our dreams intentionally by using the “Law of Attraction” but I just call it living life. Enjoy these 7 “Law of Attraction” no-no’s and their counter yes’s.

1. Expecting it all right now.

When we set an intention, we are creating a massive ripple of events that must take place within the universe in order for our desire to come to fruition. Sometimes, it is only one domino that needs to fall but sometimes the entire universe flips itself inside out in order to give us what we want.

Instead of giving up after five minutes, we need to learn to trust in the process and loosen up on our attachments to when and how it all happens. The universe is taking trillions of requests every millisecond—so it might take a bit of time to align with (and that’s okay).

2. Dreaming massively, but not taking any action.

If we’re dreaming bigger than our basic needs, chances are we’re going to have to step beyond our comfort barriers, do some things we’ve never tried before, and grow in the process of turning our intentions into real experiences or things. Action will be required. Probably lots of it!

3. Doubting in our awesome ability to create what we want.

The moment we doubt ourselves, we immediately deflect all of the blessings, miracles and magical synchronicities, or at least we fog our ability to see and respond to them. Whatever our dreams are, the journey is ultimately just us learning to believe in ourselves to be the one to create it! Once we trust in our Self we are able to handle any obstacles in our path.

4. Never asking for help.

Yeah, if we’re one of those people who is embarrassed to ask for help, assistance, guidance or support, then it is likely we are going to have a difficult time achieving everything we want in life.

Here’s the thing: the universe will send us all sorts of hints, resources and often times people who will help us take certain steps along the way. But if we’re too proud to ask them for help or communicate what we need, chances are we’ll get stuck somewhere and end up spinning our wheels until our next lifetime. Perhaps “putting it out there” to people isn’t such a bad idea.

5. Focusing on only chasing outer things.

Most of what we need to change in order to align with our highest vision is an inside job. We need to become the person or scientifically speaking, “the vibrational energy” that is fully aligned with what we want.

Change our habits, raise our energy levels, increase our confidence, focus our thoughts with potency on what we want and radiate with authenticity. Do this and magical things will happen!

6. Ignoring all the signs.

Life is an unraveling mystery and each of us is the detective of our own experience. As we begin to dream bigger and start taking actions towards these dreams, we will start to receive clues about our next steps to take. One of the key things that will support our path is learning to listen.

The universe can have a funny, peculiar sense of humour, so be watchful of signs, take notice of patterns repeating themselves and always stop to listen to the drunken hobo talking gibberish in the streets. We just never know when their message might be for us.

7. Helping everyone else achieve their dreams first.

Okay, this one is for all of us people-pleasers out there who choose to help every other human, animal and insect on the planet before giving ourselves an ounce of attention.

For those of us who are stuck in this habit, chances are we have no clue what the heck we want in life. The reason we don’t know what we want is because we’ve occupied our energy by helping other people get what they want.

If we want to build a kick-ass vision and then create it, we need to start giving ourselves more time, space and energy to dream and build it. No one else can give that to us but our own Self.


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Ed: Catherine Monkman

{Photo: Flickr.}

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