October 2, 2013

Change Your “Look” With Meditation. ~ Trisha Lotzer

Okay, there aren’t any studies that show meditation makes you more physically attractive…at least not yet.

But it can help you relax and give you a more positive outlook (that’s the better looking part) and has been shown to make folks smarter and more productive at work.

Despite being aware of the benefits, I was an on again, off again meditator for years. It wasn’t “fun” to sit quietly for long periods of time and I just couldn’t seem to make it part of my routine.

Then I recently started experimenting with what would work for me, based on my own set of virtues and vices.

And while these aren’t suggestions from a dedicated meditation master or the Dalai Lama, I’ll tell you what works for this modern day yogini and business owner with a busy schedule.

One of them may work for you… and I’m sure at least one will surprise you.

1. Link it to another habit. Is there something that you do every day? Do you enjoy it and you can link to meditation in some way?

One thing that I do to make sure that I get in at least a few minutes each day now is to set aside ten minutes in the morning while my coffee brews. I look forward to one good cup of coffee every morning, and since my coffee is already a habit my meditation practice is finally becoming one, too. Plus, that cup of really dark roast afterwards is a nice reward.

I’m not sure what Pema Chodron or Padmasambhava would say about the effects of caffeine on the body’s “subtle channels,” but I know Pavlov would be amused.

2. Do some yoga or go for a walk. The ideal time to meditate is after yoga, that’s what the physical practice of yoga was traditionally developed for—to balance the energy in the body, keep it healthy and prepare it to sit for long periods of time.

But if you do your yoga at a studio you don’t usually have the option to sit for more than a minute or two at the end of class before you need to grab your car keys and clear the room. No problem, you can still spend a few minutes sitting quietly in your car before driving home. Or try a walking meditation. Or try practicing yoga at home.

3. Reach for the bling. Do you have anything you can wear today to remind you of your intention to meditate or be more mindful? A mala or rosary? A vintage watch? A handsome tie or pair of Manolo Blahniks?

When I came back from recent Thailand-India trip I had all kinds of new bangles, bracelets and blessing cords gathered up from different sacred places I visited while on the road. Now these are pretty little reminders to carve out a few minutes to clear my thoughts and focus on my breath when I’m on the phone, on hold, or waiting in line at the grocery store.

Do you already meditate? Please share your experience with other readers and any tips that you have about making meditation part of your day.


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