October 2, 2013

Poem for a Best Friend. ~ Andrea Rossin {Poem}

first it was me and then it was you and then it was us and then a bigger us,

creeping down the alleyways of memories

creeping up the fire exits and small stairwells of the past, of our past.

walking up the escalators of time

moving slowly towards the futures, and backwards in the pasts.

I loved you then and I love you still and ever ever ever will I always love you my love

and we dance in the this beauty of etherial blue sky

and we dance as the stars wink and blink to one another

and slowly slowly I am coming to this realization that you are me

and we are all together.

I remember this one time we held hands and talked up and down the streets of new york city

spinning madly out of our minds and talking until there were no more words for the evening and starting back up the next day from the moment we opened our eyes

and still I am with you my love

my best girl

my soul journey traveling favorite partner in crime

I am with you in the smile of your child

and I am with you in the tears you cry

and I am with you in the reflection of the sky on the lake before you every day

and  I am with you on the beach you walk on

and in the sweet dark puppy brown eyes of your monkey dog lapping at your fingers for that last bit of meat.

I am with you in the shop and in the dinner and in the cooking and cleaning and in those tired eyes that feed the baby and in your dirty sweatshirt stained with milk and in the tension of your heart I am with you.

and you cary me through these dark times into the light. and you are this light for me, how I love you.

I remember that we were young once and I remember that we were free and I remember that your bedroom was painted light green and you hung my art up on the wall.

I remember how we dreamed and spun and wove and visioned outside on the hill or on the hammock under the moon or how we played in the barn breathing the dust of four hundred years and how we sat by the giant fireplace while a storm raged outside, quieting the darkness and solitude of the house.  and I remember the memories that have yet to be written.

and I remember the future that has yet to come.

and I remember that once I was a baby and once I was an old woman and once I was a daughter and once I was a mother and once I was a grandmother and once I was a friend. a best friend. and I loved you best of all and you completed me.

and I remember you.


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Ed: Dana Gornall

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Read 3 comments and reply

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